My so called "friend" ripped me off

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by shane905, Dec 21, 2012.

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  1. So blades not much of a story but i'm furious and need to vent. Tonight I picked up my friend because he was going to get me 5g. So I pick him up at a timmies and we head over to this one place because he says he doesn't have 5 on him. We drive down this sketchy ass alley way and he says he'll be right back. 2 minutes later he comes back saying she's out too so we head over to some other place a few blocks over. He runs in and I tell him i'm just going to drive around the block because there's no where to park. I end up finding a place to park and wait.. and wait... and wait. For 50 god damn minutes. I would message him telling him to hurry up and shit but I get no reply. Finally I decide to say fuck it and drive home furious as all hell. When I got home I sent him a message telling him to meet me tomorrow and to bring my stuff. Should I wait until tomorrow and if he doesn't reply get my friends and I to give him a wake up call tomorrow? It's only $50 but it was my girlfriends.

    TL;DR: Friend stole $50 from me and is ignoring me, what do?

    P.S. If anyone is in the Hamilton, Ontario area message me because I need some real friends, and blades tend to be the most chill people.
  2. did you really wait for 50 mins? I feel bad for you! Your friend sounds like a jackass.
  3. Sounds like your buddy did the classic rip off.

    You're out dude. He going to avoid your messages, make excuses to meet up, might even claim to have gotten "arrested".

    Sorry buddy, never front money. This is why they say that.

    And can't use the forums to ask for hookups. You're in Canada, is that really necessary :p
  4. I don't think he was so much looking for connects. It sounds more like he wants another type of more physical help.
  5. Maybe. If I took it the wrong way, a mod may also.

    But regardless.
  6. Sorry to hear that man. Sounds like the classic case of taking the money and running.

    Everyone learns these lessons the hard way, it sucks getting ripped off.
    Good luck getting in contact with him.
  7. Yeah, not looking for connects, don't worry. I feel like slamming my head into my desk right now.
  8. Been there man. It happens. Use it as a lesson to never front money. Never a need, it's the dealers responsibility to buy the weekend from his guy. Not for you to.

    He always has to pay money from his pocket for weed he sells. Remember that. Don't let them pressure you because they're "doing you a favor" and "don't have the cash to get your stuff unless you pay first". Just call them out on it and refuse to hand anything over til bud is inspected.
  9. Well I learned my lesson. If I wasn't such a laid back guy i'd go after him.
  10. I know that feel too man. It's never worth it anyways. Getting revenge on people doesn't help either. Gotta be careful, dealers carry weapons if they have to protect themselves. Weed isn't worth risking my life.
  11. Wait a bit to see if "shit happened" and he was delayed, but he eventually makes good. (Small chance, but I'd give him 24 hours)

    If he continues to ignore you, tell all of your friends what happened and ask them to warn their friends, too. You will look like an idiot, but NO ONE will want to have much to do with him after learning he is a rip-off!
  12. Never let anyone do a deal when you aren't there because something will always go wrong (steal, pinch a lot of it, etc), you fucked up and he wasn't a friend if he'd do that shit over only $50. He'll either ignore you or make up an excuse like cops or he got robbed lol
  13. Solid advice here.

  14. That's exactly what i'm going to do. I've already told my friend who's really close with him. He's going to try and get a hold of him to see what the deal is.
  15. $5 says you're dealing with a child, stop dealing with kids, and you wont be putting up with bullshit.
  16. man I feel bad for you. I had this happen to me twice recently when I was desperate for drugs and it made me pretty upset. just learn never to front money unless this person is like your brother
  17. I know all too well now. Time to find someone else to do business with.
  18. Damn dude don't front money...
    If he don't come through tomorrow get ya money back.
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    90% chance your dealing with a heroin addict
    Cannot mention other substances here -= WW
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    Lol, i'm 95% sure he's not a heroin addict. Just some punk who thinks he's smart.

    Cannot mention other substances here -= WW
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