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My Smoking Song

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Marijuana Time, Aug 13, 2011.

  1. Let me know what you think :smoking:

    [ame=]My Smoking Song - YouTube[/ame]

    Lyrics -

    I'll smoke till I get autism
    Frostbitten neck south to the toes
    Only using my mouth and nose
    Flow smooth like bedclothes
    Underexposed like melting snow
    Below the influence
    Dense bud takes my tension away
    Hence the ashytray with the doobie pyramid display
    No way I have dismay
    I smoke weed all day
    Blowin more than tha doc can weigh
    Valet's get in my car
    Askin what's that char
    I say a cigar mixed with some bizarre marijuana
    Wanna hit this potent shit
    Once it's lit everyone's gunna sit
    Unzip the baggie and get out some more
    Hittin bong bowls like burnt smores
    We won't stop untill it's chared to the core
    I got pot galore, twentyfour joints all ready rolled
    Dispensaries get sold then my crib gets tightly patrolled
    But I don't care I'm on that hydro plane
    Sparkin flames to tha marry jane
    Playing smoking games
    Takin Trainwreck to the brain
    Milk it yellow get mellow
    Won't let it out till my belly bellows
    Smart fellow, Let them eyes get narrow
    Posted up like a pharaoh playing xbox
    Against ex cops just chillin
    Pass em the joint and they cough like a kitten
    My hitten's get quickened
    throat get thickened
    Then my lungs get harshly stricken
    Get to lickin it won't roll itself
    Didn't yah year joints arn't that bad for you health
    So I'm smokin till I'm stealth behind the smoke
    Tokin strong till I choke or invoke a stroke
    No joke I'll smoke weed till my mouth is broke
    Doped up soakin up the edibles
    Grade A medical incredible vegetables
    Eat em up till theres not even a decimal
    Pot smoking professional
    Eyes red to the retinals
    Visions imperceptible
    But my rhythm gets ever more poetical
    Hit up the festivals and chill with the hippies
    They got weed that'll shift your kidney
    And theories of mankind that will blow your mind
    I was blind but now I see because of T.H.C
    I put the tree in all wouldn't stop if I fall
    I'd crawl to rip the white walls cause
    Me and bud are linked like it's installed
    Combined I got the flow of a waterfall
    Were hitched like a U-haul can't tear us apart
    There was a magical spark when we first met
    I know all of the strains like I do my alphabet
    Were the perfect duet I'll never regret taking that first puff
    It was so rough I coughed up all kinds of stuff
    Enough reminiscing and back to the singing
    If chilling were a game then I'd be winning
    Thinning bowls down until I'm grinning
    Then go swimming in the ocean
    Causing commotion
    Cause everyone knows I got the secret potion
    To lighten your emotions flow smooth as lotion
    Token til theres just roach then I'll light up another
    Pass it to your mother and watch her start to hover
    Hot box till it feels like summer
    So much cloud in the room that it starts to thunder
    I break bud like butter, easy
    Weed super cheesy
    puff pass till were all wheezy
    When we break box it's like we called out a genie
    Let's make the world steamy
    and all get dreamy
    Mix up the blunt like a martini
    I do this routinely
    Bud green as zucchini no seeds
    Smokin till my eyes bleed
    I feed off weed
    Exceed till I'm brought to my knees
    But the blunt proceeds
    Balanced out like a fucking trapeze
    Recede into the jamaican shower
    Now that's some power
    One hour later your devoured by the flower
    Twenty four seven, Fuck the resin
    Hash is heaven
    Hit up the seven eleven
    Buy so many blunts the cashier gets deafened
    Then the second I get home I'll light up another
    Here brother you no longer have a suffer
    Let's get smothered til we don't know each other
  2. "I'll smoke till I get autism".. I love smoking weeed but not that much :eek: hahahah sick tho man
  3. Well since it's impossible to get autism from smoking weed that just means I won't stop :bongin:

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