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my smoking peices

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by up in smoke, Sep 23, 2007.

  1. hey every one what do you think of our collection is it complete ?

    Attached Files:

  2. That's a pretty nice collection but a true stoners colection is never complete!
  3. Haha ya Id say a collection could never really be called complete.

    Thats a sick hammer tho, +rep
  4. I like the sherlock.
    +rep lovely pieces
  5. i love the origami of rolling blunts, also my fav. way of smoking but nice collection either way.

  6. That is exactly what I thought when I read his post. LOL. Great minds think alike. +rep
  7. The first pic of the bong is my favourite. I'm a sucker for designs with lots of blue =/
  8. Thats a fuckin slick sherlock you've got there.
  9. omg omg how much did you pay for the zong+ac? need one!!!
  10. like the zong with side car. Nice. As someone already said a true collection is never complete. Very nice start though.
  11. :cool:your bong is sick and your hammer is insane!
  12. yes yes ... very nice hammer.
  13. i love the puff bong. and the zong . i love bongs ! +rep for bongs !
  14. How does the second pic hit? is it a side car?

    nice shit dude!
  15. thats some really nice glassware you gots yaself there
  16. Is that a Kaos bong?

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