my small old plants

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  1. i started 6 june 10th now im down to these 3 i dont have a pic of the 3rd 1 but its as big as the small 1 in the backgroundDSCN1864.jpg

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  2. That is one teeny plant alright...and I'm talking about the biggest one.

    Are they getting any light at all? Do they have drainage? Are you feeding them anything?

    If you hope to get anything worth a shit off them, read the grow guide, it should help clue you in.
  3. this my 3rd time growing ino drainage nutes everyhting light so far they didnt need any nutes i think this batch of seeds is some dwarfs
  4. That's also possible, I had a dwarf train wreck that matured in about 3 months, but never got over a foot and a half high. It still made the bomb bud, but not much, unfortunately. Best of luck!
  5. mamn dem hoes is tight hopefully u get at least n ounc eif thier females we b smokin on that shit all night fo sho ***** all night
    all night everynight

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