My small collection :)

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  1. So I've admired everyone's pieces and I absolutely love glass! So i thought I'de post mine and see what ya guys think!
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    Kind Kreations tube 18.8
    KK Tophat ashcatcher
    KK Dome set
    Cash the trash :p
    The rest is random glass from various shops here in CO
    And last but not least The DREAM MACHINE...

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  3. The collection is very small
  4. I put one up last night da fux? Ill post a pic when I get home.
  5. [quote name='"Pauly420"']PICs :)[/quote]

    Your pictures aren't uploading man. Haha
  6. Look at the top one mane
  7. nice pieces, i like the straight pipe
  8. Thanks man!

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