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My Small CFL cab with Blue Cheese and Pineapple Skunk

Discussion in 'Indoor Grow Journals' started by theratdude64, Feb 27, 2013.

  1. Well, whenever I can... I went and priced crap for the tincture at Whole foods.

    These blue glass containers are epic!!

    1373259917335.jpg 1373259933485.jpg

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  2. good good. let it grow roots, dont drown them. just needs moisture to seek out.
    my jamaican kush pull was incredible dude..its really purple lol
  3. That sounds awesome,  It's incredible how beautiful these ladies get :smoking:  
    Bomb is starting to get yellow :-/  I'll post pics shortly
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    shes in new soil? is it fox farms? shell be fine..let it feed her roots till theyre ready to grow! her like 3-5 days..i just watered my babies..theyre growing fast. ever at that i think i let them go like 5 days without water if you sign up for my blackout kush #2 journal you can see for sure..too high to do that LOL
    in blackout kush #1 in signature you can see the kush..its pretty..im gonna ask them if theyll give me a cotton candy seed or a jamaican chocolate seed
    like some is from their country..others like cotton candy is from us and chemmex is from mexico..they are a good company..their plants are all awesome, i can just feel it. i bet they all grow like champs how they create good strains by their nice enviornment..and then save it nicely.
    like thc bomb was bred indoors..its tiny lol..you must veg it out a little when she becomes healthy..id say 2 weeks in your box and conditions? runnin 130 watts of cfl at 80f in my kush #2 grow
    View attachment 1235925
  5. The bomb is a clone from a plant that was about a week into flower at my buddies grow. His setup is HUGE compared to mine but not a big one per say. It's 2 walk in areas with proper lighting enclosed in ducting with filters to outside. Pretty impressive :metal:

    Yeah bomb is in perlite / fox farm ocean Forest. I duno if roots have reached that good soil yet, the ball of soil from the solo cup is a lot lighter and "crappier" looking than the ocean Forest. Not saying it's crappy but my noob eyes it looks lamer than the rest.

    That sounds awesome, any idea how the flavor is on the cotton candy and Jamaican chocolate? I can only imagine with those names haha.

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    hell no they havent grown roots yet dude! when i first started growing my issue was over watering and feeding as well..wouldnt let em grow by themselves..just try and let the soil dry out a bit more. NO FOOD ON THC BOMB!! i wanna see a big bitch in that corner
    again my fast growing babies in solos cups (16 oz?) only need watering once every 3-5 days in a 80f cfl enviornment without a fan
    im hoping just as it sounds! no bullshits here haha!
  7. They were in the the solo cups for a while after kicking some ass in the bubble cloner.

    Here's some pic updates. Flower BC is getting worse :'(

    1373272666878.jpg 1373272738190.jpg

    And here's veg

    Bomb got hurt... But this happened to my BC too, and it just made one set of leaves ugly so I'm not too terribly upset lol

    1373272767520.jpg 1373272869780.jpg 1373272898189.jpg 1373272924943.jpg

    I assume the clones are nommin on the lowest leaves to build roots?

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    clones look fine. if they dont have roots yet they need humidity domes.
    that big plant (cheese?) looks like it coming back alive. good stuff man. these plants drink as the soils drying out, like a sponge. if soils water logged, water wont move. once everything dries out you may want to feed them super lightly. im talking like 64 oz of water and an 1/8 of a teaspoon of food. if you have big bloom it work work miracles. NO grow or tiger bloom..too strong.
  9. Hey man what's going on with blue cheese in flower? Looks like its withering on the vine??!! Same as Jack huh?
    Clones looking good, think leaf loss is do to stress from transplant. It went from water while rooting to soil right?
    We gotta figure out what's going on in your flower cab T! Can you get a pic of your flower BC's soil up?
  10. Yeah I'll get flower Bc soil shot tonight.

    It was one of the first planted so it's straight ocean Forest without any perlite added.

    HARVESTED JACK! It's tiny but pretty awesome looking to me lol

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  11. That soil is great and will feed for ~3 weeks
  12. On the bomb?

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  13. hey good grow man proud to see your success, well i wanted to know why did you trim the leaves before you decided to harvest am i supposed to do soo i havent cut a single leaf off of my autos but there growing fine but the indica is taking a bit long to notice the bud so many freaking leaves in the way. My sativa is looking good and buddy lol well my question is why trim leaves?
  14. yeah
  15. Ok, finally a pic update lol.  
    There's some damage on the clones, and yellowing on Bomb... nute? or :confused_2:
    bc1.jpg bc2.jpg bc2-2.jpg bomb.jpg lineUp.jpg
    And on Veg BC, The part in the picture was up against the wall, is that like chlorophyll deprivation or something? I rotated it when I got that pic. 
    vegBC.jpg vegBCdamage.jpg
    And I didn't even open flower :( She's dead Jim
  16. They look fine but they are too deep a shade of green and that highlighter green is classic nute burn. Pure water still please.
  17. Awesome thanks, yep still doing distilled :)

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    cool! they really are looking better. make sure youre letting the soil dry out enough between waterings, and maybe do one more lemon baking soda bath next watering?
  19. I swear I did it wrong because flower Bc went solid crispy right after doing it so I'm pretty sketched out at trying that. I wanna see if we can get pH up/down soon

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    ok. just letting you know ahead of time they use sulfuric acid or citric acid for ph down which is battery acid or lemon juice and potassium carbonate for ph which..which is pot ash which is basically soda ash/baking soda LOL

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