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  1. Just growing one small plant from a bagseed out here in the desert. It sprouted 2 weeks ago and it's been outside for the past week, only bringing it in when it gets stormy outside.

    It gets direct hot sun from about 9AM-5PM and it's been doing pretty good considering its still 100+ just about everyday.

    My plant is growing in a small 4 inch pot to keep the plant small. How tall will my plant get? Also, is it early for the cotyledons to be dying? They have been turning yellow. The other leaves are fine and the first set of 3 fingered leaves have come in.

    Any advice is appreciated blades :wave::D

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  2. You can cut them off now no problem.

    The 4" pot will retard the roots and stunt the growth. I would put it in at least a 10" pot soon.
  3. I want to keep this plant small because it's kind of an experimental grow and a little bit of a stealth grow too. I know that the small pot will stunt the growth, but that's ok with me. How tall can it get in the 4" pot?
  4. i had a plant in a 4" pot and it only got about 7" before it was root bound and stunted badly...switched it to a 2gal pot (still small pot only like 8" deep) and it started to take off.. you also stated a lil late in the season outdoor should be done by oct or living in the desert you might have a lil better chance cause it stays warm proly thru november... since your already on 12/12 timing i say it will get to less than a 1ft tall might not bud though unless you give roots more room
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    Thanks dude. If I let it veg until its stunted, would it still be possible to put it into flowering by changing the its light schedule?
  6. Bump.

    I want to know if I can still put into flowering if I change the light schedule before the growth is stunted. I know that the plant does still grow a bit during flowering.

    Any advice is really appreciated guys :)
  7. I checked the sunset/sunrise times for Phoenix and it's about 15 minutes off of 12/12, so you're practically already to flowering times. I'm assuming the plant would probably already be into flowering or just about to be. Any other opinions?
  8. Hey bro.

    Not only is the small container but also the heat that will/is stunt the plant's growth.

    My advice is to go 12/12 immediately to get it flowering right away, this way the plant will stay a minimum size, prob no bigger than a foot or so I will roughly guess.. and it shouldn't have as much of a chance to get all rootbound and shit.

    Good Luck
  9. It is starting to cool off, so heat won't be an issue any longer.
    I have had 2 foot tall plants in 16oz drinking cups, stunted growth from small containers my butt.
    I have been growing for twenty plus years. If you want a plant to stop stretching or growing bigger, use bushmaster.
    This is when I start putting plants outside, they will begin flowering immediately.
    They will keep flowering outdoors til spring here.
  10. damn, nice grow. i plan to grow when i get my home, but right now i'm in an apartment complex. i moved out here in april from california and needed to figure out where to buy a home first
  11. yeah california's weather makes everything so much easier. im actually from san diego.
  12. hahaha, i figured by the way you spelled stoopid. slightly stoopid ftw!!

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