My Skyrim Computer Painting

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  1. Hey everyone, I'm extremely excited for the release of Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim as I am a long-time fan of the Elder Scroll games so I thought I would make some art on my computer :smoke:

    Tell me what you think

    Big Skyrim.jpg

    P.S. The only reason I typed the "Made By Nichevo" part is because the program I was using put their domain in the corner.
  2. That's very cool. I wish I could do artwork like that on my computer. Care to share some know how? I'd love to get into that
  3. Dude youre so full of shit, that's some of the official concept artwork..

    I hope your e-penis feels bigger now for taking claim in something you had absolutely no part of other than going into ms paint and putting "made my nichevo" in the corner lmao

    ps, you weren't using shit as their domain lol


  4. ouch lol
  5. Ahh fuck, and I just gave rep!
  6. I was just about to write a nice comment, but now. I will not, i hope that cut you deep.
  7. I used to lie about shit I hadn't done as a kid. It was all because I got no love at the house and we moved so much I never got any friends. Needed someone to tell me I was awesome, needed someone to give me admiration, so I made up cool stories to make people interested in me.

    This dude is doing the same thing. I feel for you, Nichevo. Not being sarcastic either, but doing this kind of shit is not the way to get your self-worth on track.
  8. LOL why would you need to lie on the internet?

  9. Haha this shit is hilarious, IT MAKES NO SENSE! Why would anybody feel better about themselves because some poeple on the internet he will probabably never even meet think he did a drawing? :confused:
  10. He's probably feeling that heart ache.
  11. They look like the style is slightly different...?
    Which means that he still could have painted it based very closley on the official painting?

    I dont effing know :confused:


  12. It's called paint filter on photoshop ^^ lol

  13. Ah.. I don't use photoshop so i wouldn't know.

    Thanks for the info though :smoke:
  14. haha he never posted back
  15. Fuck dude that picture is so gross it kills my high. Idk why but that picture bothers me a lot when I'm high, so now.

  16. No shit, I was painting it

  17. It wasn't a lie, if you can tell, there are paint strokes created by the program I used, which is what I was explaining in the message. I live on my own now anyway.
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    Actually, it's called 'Psykopaint', get out of the thread if you are going to make implications.
  19. Thats pretty fucking funny.

    It's like. Why? But at the same time, ahaahah

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