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my situation

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by CallMeHerb, Feb 10, 2004.

  1. i have the munchies and a can of spam. but no idea how to cook it. anyone wanna walk me through something simple but tastey? keep in mind i'm pretty high.
  2. This thread is amazing, i cant to see how it turns out :D
  3. i actaully like spam but what i like is just frying it in a pan. just get a pan and fry it. its good . lol
  4. ok. I'm high as fuck and eating my special nachoes right now, and if you ever have any questions on food , weed, or anything for that matter (im always here and always lonely;))
    But yeah, the best way I think to cook spam, which is btw my favorite meat, my shirt says so......getting off subject.....::highness:: stares at background::
    Ok, anyways, what I think is the best way to cook spam is:

    You need a pan...
    some spam...
    some spam minus the s...
    or butter...
    2 pieces of bread, I prefer wheat or rhye
    And a choice of cheese

    Lube your frying pan up, and turn the burner on med.
    Slap the spam in there, toast the bread with the cheese on it...
    cook the spam until it gets a crispy edge...
    and when everything is done, put your sandwhich togather.
    I usually add hot sauce to mine, but do whatever you want.

    This has been another episode of cooking with the fucked up guy in the peewee suite:)


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  5. woah, i didnt know you cook spam... guess you learn something everyday...

    what is spam... really?
  6. spiced ham in a can
  7. *** ** ** **** ***

    that wasnt even mildly constructive....or funny
    so if you have something real that relates to him/her EATING the spam and then you can repost something different :) mmkay?
  8. can i add my ultimate "high" nachos?

    get shredded chicken breast or ground beef (cooked and warm)

    tortilla chips (diff kinda make for different fun!)

    nacho cheese in a can (a MUST!)


    refried beans (mix with rice for extra special fun!)

    cheddar cheese

    sour cream


    Mix as follows:
    take a metal or glass bowl (not for smoking) and line the bottom with plenty of tortilla chips, then stack on your chicken or beef, then beans, then all you diced minus the jalepenos. then nacho cheese and cheddar chesse. stick in oven at 350 degrees for a bout -5-6 mins, or microwave for 20 seconds. then put sourcream and jalepenos on top and dig in.

    use a fork, and dont be afraid of gettin ur hands messy.
    always use lots of nacho cheese, always.
    u can add more cheddar chesse on top after the sour cream.
    make before u smoke because its way too complicated for a baked person.

    Thanks and i hope you enjoy Mike's famous "High" nachos.
  9. ^^^ok, now im really really hungry
    i have never tasted spam, never could get over that weird slimy coating, but ive heard
    people do make "spamburgers" i believe you cook them
  10. I love spam sandwiches...

    Fried with the works... I guess you could call it a spam burger..

    I also like to cut spam up in small chuncks and mix it in hashbrowns with cheese!!!!!!!!
  11. can we call them spamwiches?
  12. i bet they are called spamwiches
  13. Good call on the spamwiches!!!!!!

    I also like spam salad.. Like ham sald\ad but with spam!!!1
  14. man,... spam cant be made outta good things :eek:
  15. you guys ever seen that stuff that's kinda like spam called "treat"? that's some scary stuff...i have no idea what it is, but there's a random can at my dad's house that's been there since i was maybe six, i'm 19 now...just wondering if that was a "only in the south" thing...
  16. Spam is very scary.

  17. Pork ham
    potato startch

    Not too bad!!!
  18. i used to live in georgia but ive never seen treat, also has anyone seen the new spam commercial? I saw it when i was baked and i couldnt stop giggling:)
  19. can we just say spamwiches a few more times?
  20. Spamwiches

    Which commercial??

    In the house or out side BBQing!

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