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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by kretz, Sep 20, 2007.

  1. i have about 3 hours before i have to report to my probation officer and probably go to jail for 10 days. the reason i have to go to jail is this.

    i was supposed to go get piss tested and what not, so i went in to get piss tested a while ago and they wouldnt let me take the class/piss test because one of the sheets i had needed updated. whatever, so i call my probation officer right after i get out of that place. he wasnt there so i left him a message. well apparently he never got that message and now hes pissed. he called me 2 days ago and told me to come see him today alone, dad cant come. so more than likely im going to jail for 10 days for having a fuckin gram of pot over 2 years ago. i hate our government. but when i get out, my friend said hes rolling up an eigth of dank into a blunt for me :hello:
  2. well my probation officer wasnt even there. he told me to be there at 9am on the 20th. and i went in at 9am on the 20th so i dont know what the deal is.
  3. Thats bullshit, Im sorry dude.
  4. so uh what happened? :smoking:
  5. Only rolling an 8th into a blunt for the celebration of you getting off probation!?! Shit when I get off in a month i'm taking a oz of dro to the head.
  6. got a possession charge about 2 or 3 years ago, was under a gram. biggest bunch of bullshit of my life
  7. i think your probation officer is just on drugs... and not good wholesome drugs like bud either...

    file a complaint with the dude above him. as long as you know your clean just make it seam like your doing your best to work with the system, but your officer is being a dumb ass. you can't let let people in power act stupidity screw you over.

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