my situation - ideas/help please (long story)

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by WorkingPlacebos, Apr 16, 2006.

  1. okay well im starting to grow completely starting
    i bought a big enough pot and a 10 pound bag of planting soil
    i want to grow outside but i live with my parents and its too risky, i want to plant in someone elses a corn field or what not, but i cant really think of anywhere around me to go (by plant i mean..set the pot i already have in some dirt like half way down)

    i have a pretty big hole in my wall that its closed..but parents would never accidentally come across it. it was put in there when i was like 11, was big enough for me to climb through to get a coax cable while my dad fished it to me from downstairs. the problem is, theres a lot of loose installation all over the place and im afraid to put lamps and what not in there. It normally get pretty hot (i think?) during the summer, but as of now, its VERY nice and chill in there, and as soon as i open it up the cold air rushes out (im thinking its just filled with cold air and cant get out unless i open it up and than it rushes to mix with the warm air on the other side) its a big enough area for me to put the pot in there and to tend to it daily..but im afraid of a spark or something lighting the installation on fire. i can run the cables of the lights on the outside and have the lights on the inside but im still worried about it. My parents use my closets and crawlspaces for their clothes and what thats not really an option

    what should i do!???

    and also, is it possible to only add a little bit of minerals into it (following the online guides) and have it grow well?

    one more thing, is it possible to grow it without any minerals and have it come out good?
  2. does anyone know if installation is a huge factor of a lamp? like would it be safe to put a lamp next to some? the plug will be through the wall.

    or could i plant some away form my house, and forget about it..come back in a good amount of time and it be grown and okay? or even like weekly check ups?
  3. If you leave it somewhere there's a pretty high chance it will get destroyed/stolen. The hole in your wall sounds pretty dodgey. You could try insulating the wires in there or something.

    As for installation of a lamp it depends what kind of lamp you're talking about, be more specific.

    If you're only going to grow 1 plant you'd be better off just buying the weed, it doesn't seem like you're going to be able to take care of it adequatly at this point in time so why bother with the hassle?
  4. it does not sound like you are in a position to grow right now man. i think you should sit back down at the drawing board and think of another way. good luck
  5. Don't grow in your parent's or anyone else's house.
  6. dude i know exactley what ur goin threw its hard to grow when u still live at home, find a good spot and start it inside, when its strong enough move it outside, thats easy for me to say tho i gotta green belt in my back yard, best of luck to you man, dont worry you'll think of something.

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