my sister?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by the rainman!, Feb 13, 2002.

  1. had a heart attack at 6:00 this morning! i dont know when i'll be back dudes
  2. Rainman.......all of the words the words that I would like to use to show my concern,sympathy, and support for you, sound hollow in a time of stress of this level!! But please Know that you and yours are in my thoughts, and I will desprately hope that your Sister will recover!!!!!!
  3. cowboy said it all.

    stay positve.
  4. our prayers are with you and your sister my friend! i hope only the best of news from this point on.
    if you need anything, just to talk pm me!
    love and faith and lots of hugs(((((tazz11&family)))))
  5. thanks guys ! i mean that ! she's stable for now we wont know more till they give her a stress test i got the doctors lol when i said her kids all ready gave her one!time well time .i have and hold hope for her in my heart and in my prays ! i read your replys an know you are real people behind the ink thank you all! good luck tazz11
  6. I'm glad she's stable, Tazz. You and your family are in my thoughts, keep us updated, ok? I'm sure she's gonna be just fine :) . Good luck.
  7. i dont real know what to say !when some one says they well pray for me ! as a witch i have to retrun the pray,it works like a big piggy bank if someone takes prays and give them to i must say a pray to them , if not their pray means nothing i have to show god i care enaugh about their pray to retrun it with the touch of my kindness and spirit to sweeten the spell ! i write down the name of the preson that says it ,tonight their are the 27 names i pray for each night and 14 names of people that wish me and my sister well,may be there is hope for man kind after all ,yes ,i am a witch watch my spell work,to night a witch well pray for each of you ,and you can take that to the bank! thank you and god bless you all ,he sees each of the names on this list ....i know this i am tazz11
  8. Soooo Glad to here your sister is in stable condition!!!!!!!!THERE IS POWER IN PRAYER(or "collective thought" if your beliefs don't allow you to admit to prayer!!Best Wishes Always!!
  9. happy to hear that your sis is ok. you seem like a real family guy rainman.

    and also happy you made the right choice by getting rig of those plants in the other forum.
  10. Hey Tazz, I hope your sister gets well soon. I know you must be worried. Keep us up dated and know that our thought's and prayers are with ya friend. Hope everything goes well!
  11. my sister had her stress test this morning and had another heart attack ,they shiped her to down state for a tripable bypass! i can talk now ,good luck tazz11
  12. :(
    rainman you don't have to pray back to people, especially when your prayers are needed with your sister right now my friend! cowboy is right, there is power in prayer, never thought i would utter those words. instead of praying for me, pray for a high school friend of mine who is battling a mysterious blood disease which is keeping her hospitalized and drugged :( i'd rather the prayer go to her!
    i got all excited to hear your sister was doing well, but then sad to hear again she is in for triple bypass... my grandfather had a quadruple bypass in his late 50s and lived well into his 70s, i am putting faith into the surgeons who hold her life in their hands, and hoping all will turn out ok.
    many positive thoughts and strength your way dear you keep strong and stay by her side!
    love, love, love
  13. i am glad you said that it cheered me up some!,this morning they told us she had a 25% chance of makeing it threw the op! thats why i havent been here! i dont know what too think ,all i know is , all my life she's been their as my sister! and that fucking waiting sucks big time,she's had three heart attacks so far and if she dose not have the op! they say she has a few months at best.damed if you do ,damed if you dont! you dont worry about me, i've been here be for ,i dont even like saying that. i'll pray for you all as well as her ,its my nature! good luck tazz11
  14. Our prayers are with you and your sister! My dad had bypass surgery four years ago. He come through it well.

    Positive thinking will help too believe it or not!

    Keep us posted friend!!
  15. i know what your saying ,thanks for the karma dude ,they said something about 7out of 8 being bluged soild ,and she counld be shiped out the other day she had another heart attack so they shiped her this morning at 6;00 she has diebeataes and is over wieght ,so its not good .she could have lost wieght but never cared before now, its sad she had a chance to change what was happening and did nothing to stop it! the op is tomorrow early in the morning! i don't know if thats because she would be the strongist then or its to ruin are hole day! my yonger brothers has had 8 op so far and he 's a fighter and beats it each time ,but sorry to say my sister aint, i hope she at lest trys this time! all i can do is wait and see, i'll try to let you all know whats going on ,i know its not a easy topic ,but not talking to you guys it would be much worse.thanks guys ....good luck tazz11
  16. well by now the surgery is probably long over, but maybe this will be her opportunity to see the dangers of being diabetic and overweight :/ hopefully she will get a chance to lose the weight and become healthy once again!
    diabetes is not an easy thing to deal with, and i can understand how it is difficult to lose the weight as my grandmother struggled with diabetes.
    i'm hoping she pulls through this surgery successfully for you my friend! as i said stick by her side, she may not be concious but i am sure she can feel your presence and it is helping her in ways that are perhaps unexplained~
    strength and love
  17. she made it threw the op and is in recovery! i dont know what to say but thank you all ! now we wait but we have something to wait for! time well be on her side i hope. so far , so good. this is the frist time in days i have rested,how great the gift of life is ,i hope to know all its hiden greatness and all that are friendship brings within it! because with out freinds like you guys it would not be the same to me ! you all give life its kick ! hopefully i am back on track soon and gain post good things for a while i hope ! lol good luck tazz11
  18. Wow...I should have seen this post earlier.. better late then never..:(

    I was on the edge of my seat about the first heart attack.....smiling when she was in recovery...then on the edge of my seat again on the verge of tears when she had to go into surgery...I understand how hard it mustve been for you..then happiness came and she's mustve
    been filled with joy..

    well my prayers are with you...and may you both life long, happy lifes..

    peace..and love
  19. i cant win for loseing! my sister made threw the op fine she's home now and doing great were all seting around talking and fire up the good shit and a friend stops by and tell me my best freinds dad died yesterday night and i hadden herd yet,he did not know i didnt know!so it went over like a boomb! funels friday! on one hand am happy for my sister on the other my hand my freinds going threw what i did ,it not a good feeling to have your mom or dad die!so i pray on ward! good luck tazz11
  20. i went to sleep a hour ago but could not sleep!well all i can do is try to let you know the man behind the pics of my memorys,it was a sunny day hot mid 80's ,i pull in the drive way to visit my freind ,he wasnt at work he was gone some where? well i see his dad scraping tranys for the metal he was 60,or so and it was hard work ,and he was allways there working hard to make a better life for his family ,he would work in the rain some times ,i never seen him just seting down and resting !hair mostly gone from years of sun and working on the railroad in the early days of long ago.i never saw the man rays his voice even once going on 30 years,he loved mowing lawn with his rider and had something good to say most any time of the day,well as i was saying we were their waiting for his son to come home and i was helping him strip tranys out for metal the man had learned ever part of a trany back wards and for wards,many kinds and all makes .we had something in common ,i had done machinceing and knew how things were made and i had time to kill that day we worked side by side for about 4 hours just for the hell of it ! we did alot that after noon we cut his pile down by alot ,it wasnt just junk to him it was the pride of honist work ,working with his hands ,out in the day light ,in the fresh air! it must have ment something its may favorite memory of him,i didnt ask him for any pay or any thing like that but may be what i got was to know him from his point of veiw! for that day i saw what he saw, not a pile of junk a honist way of life and family,i'll miss him each time i go there to visit i am sure of that,his son is a stright up guy and tells it the way it is,respectful to others but willing to give it ! if need be,i can only feel his lose this night as i type away here in the ink, a emity hole within, that has only lose within.this weeks been life and it goes on for me, all i can do is remember and walk my path with their memorys in mind ,for soon are lifes are way to real at times , we face are mortality .we face the lost ,we greve and go threw what it brings ,we walk threw it and on ward down the path of life .we even share it and talk about it we are freinds late at night when we cant sleep..........thanks grass city for being here to night .......good luck tazz11

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