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My sister ratted on me and i got fucked

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by whatsgoodyZ, Jan 25, 2010.

  1. So last friday (the day after my sisters birthday) my mom searches my 19 year old sisters purse and finds a scale, pipe, and some weed. First off I find that pretty shitty to search her purse the day after her birthday. I sold my sister the scale and pipe about a month ago when she was home from college (im a senior in high school).

    When my mom asked her about what she found in her purse she said that she was holding it for me, which is a complete lie. So then I get accused by my mom and I have to tell her that my sister is lying, which she is.

    So I get home from school and I gather my two bowls and grinder and hide them in a back pack in the basement, the last place anyone would search. (remember this). And I take my 16 inch bong and throw it in another backpack and hide it outside.

    So then my sister comes over to my dads house where I live and this is the conversation:

    Dad: Who's scale is it?
    Sister: (silent for 20 seconds)
    Me: Do you know how to talk?
    Sister: Ya
    Dad: So who's scale is it?
    Sister: Mine

    She sits there silent when being questioned which makes it seem even more sketchy for me! So my dad clearly was sketched out about that and kept questioning me.

    The next morning we go over to my moms house to be questioned by her, my dad, and my step dad. They lay everything they found in her purse out on the table (pipe, scale, weed, cigar, box of cigs). Then they make her write down on a piece of paper where and when she got everything. She gets to the scale and this is the conversation:

    Step Dad: Where'd you get the scale?
    Sister: (silent)
    Step Dad: Come on, you know where you got it, this should be easy, spit it out
    Sister: mumbles my name
    Step Dad: what?
    Sister: says my name

    My dad asked if I had anything to say about that and I was like no. So then we get to the pipe and my sister tells them that I sold it to her. I flip a fucking shit, I told my parents that she's just trying to take the blame off her and they were like "no, no, she's just doing whats right."

    For the next 2 hours a yelling battle ensues (all while my sister sits there silently with the focus taken off her) and I'm throwing scientific facts at my parents and they have nothing to say back to it.

    Except for one thing my dad says about his brother. His brother was a huge druggy like hardcore and ended up overdosing before I was born. He said that when his dad would ask him if his brother was doing drugs he would always say no, and now he thinks to himself maybe if he'd said that his brother was smoking weed he could of stopped him from the hard stuff and his downfall.

    I dont know, that story was tough to hear, cuz it was my dad pretty much questioning himself if he could have saved his brothers life.

    The thing is, I dont do any hard drugs and I dont plan on it, I think that shit is fucked up. But I know my family has a history of addiction so the odds are stacked against me.

    So now both my sister and I are getting randomly drug tested monthly untill the end of the school year, and possibly past that, I don't know. She went back to college the next day and I was kicked out of my dads house. Not kicked out for the weed, mostly because I was disrespectful and said a lot of stuff I'd take back.

    The backpack was just sitting in the basement for a week and I was freaking out because it could be found if anyone wanted to go lift weights in my basement. And the weight room is connected to my dads office where he always is.

    I went over my dads to visit my little brother the other day, and when it was time to go he got in the car and so did I. And then I said "wait, I forgot my clothes." I ran inside and grabbed a bag I had already packed and ran in the basement and got the backpack.

    It's pretty shitty not being able to smoke nug, you realize who your real friends are, and it seems like less people want to hang out with me just cuz I can't go out with them on friday nights and get high. It sucks.

    But I'm completely done with my sister, she fucked up everything. I mean, you dont rat on someone, ever, especially a sibling. Things suck now and no I'm not trying to say that just cuz i cant smoke the world is over. It's just that smoking was awesome and I loved it, you make so many friends and memories and now that's stopped. My parents trust in me is gone and my curfew is earlier now, I got accused of drinking on saturday when I was really just watching tv at a friends house. They're trust is gone and now it sucks. So fuck my sister, honestly, fuck her.
  2. So many fucked up things in this story. First off why did your mom search your sisters purse, espically if shes 19, and how the fuck is she putting all these restrictions on you? Espically a curfew, your fuckin 18.

    All of this could have been avoided if your older sister went out and bought her own scale, weed, pipe, cigs etc. This makes no fuckin sense why you, the younger brother, went out for your older sister to get something that she can get herself. I guess most of this could have been avoided if you thought about your future before you acted.
  3. Hey man that shit's tough to hear, sounds like you got fucked over big time.

    Now I dunno if this is an option for you right now, but I'd see about moving out if it was me, i'm 20, you can't be much younger than me if your posting on GC, and trust me man it gets alot better when you have your own place and your independance, and it feels good when finally your parents can't tell you to do shit.

    Oh yeah and fuck your sister, I've got a brother who tokes and i'd never rat him out to anyone, least of all my parents.

    Nice job getting your bong and shit back by the way, thats some good stuff right there:hello:
  4. Not to be an asshole about this, because this situation really does suck, but I have a revolutionary idea that might be able to prepare you for or prevent these kind of things. Here it is, if you smoke at home, AND share and sell to your sister, you WILL get caught eventually.

  5. dude you dont know my parents, they're assholes, im 18, have had my license for 13 months and i dont have a car (yet we have an rx7, a 09 infiniti, and an 09 rav4, a movie theater in our basement, and 3 big screens). they set my curfew on a whim, sometimes its 11, sometimes it's 12:30. And ya it's so stupid, and the fact that she's in college she coulda just said "ya, i got it from tom at college" and it woulda been completely untraceable. And i didn't go out and get it for her, i already had it but didnt need it anymore so i sold it to her. They searched her purse cuz they're paying alot for their college and "they're not going to keep paying if she's throwing her life away like this." Such bullshit.

    Can't move out dude, 1 I can't afford it, and 2 i still need them to pay for me for college
  6. Dude, I know what you ean. I'm in the same boat as you where I listen to what my parents tell me becasue...

    "They pay the bills, they set the rules."
    I cant argue against this becasue I dont pay for shit so honestly me telling them what to do or not coming home at curfew is fucked up. I have 4 more years of their restrictions then when im in grad school im free. I'm gonna take out hella loans to pay for MY schooling

    Good luck, tell your sister your pist as fuck at her and maybe she could try to save you? dont let something like this split you and your sister up. unless there is other shit of course.
  7. From what I can understand from this post, and just in my opinion, don't take offense because I don't mean it that way, it sounds like you do not have a job for one, and are expecting a free ride from your parents. If you had a job, were doing good, paying for things yourself, I am almost certain that wouldn't have went down the way it did. You have to look at it through their perspective, one stereotype is that stoners are lazy and want nothing to do with their life other than smoke.
  8. this is why you gotta be nice to your siblings...me and my sister fight like all the time, but we are on a united front against my parents, and we'd never snitch on each other or anything. If my sister's doing something I don't like such as sneaking out the house (hasn't happened yet shes only 14) I feel I'm more equipted to handle it than my parents are my sister looks up to me. And has saved my ass several times (once I was bared out and left my house in the middle of the day with my bong in plain sight in my room I called my sister, and she hid it for me not problem.)

    Get along with your siblings, it's a lot better than fighting with them. My sister hasn't smoked yet, but shes known I've been smoking since she was 12. She getting curious and asking me questions about it (what does it do...can you od on it?) I answer all her questions truthfully, and told her I feel shes too young to start smoking, and I went through a lot of shit because I started as early as I did.

    I then told her that if she felt she wanted to try to come to me, and not her dumb ass friends. If she wants to smoke I plan to school her right, she'll be the only seasoned toker in her highschool as long as i have anything to say about it.
  9. Wow sucks for you. Your sister is a dumb cunt. As much as I used to argue and fight with my siblings they would never snitch on me. My. Mom found a dub sack once. And she lined me my brother and my two sisters up. One of my sisters didn't even smoke. She sat there with a belt trying to get us to snitch. It was my sisters sack but we all just sat there saying we didn't know. So then my mom said she was just gonna let my dad deal with it which meant a ass whooping for all. So my brother screams "I don't give a fuck it was my weed" and runs. I still laugh about that shit till this day.

  10. Bro i just want you to know that I will fuck your sister.

    Trying to help you laugh this one off ;) but seriously man
    If i were in your position for the future i would quit until college/university
    Where there won't be any more DT's. The herb will always be there. Consider it a t-break
    for a while. Its not worth lying and destroying your relationship with you parents.

    When your out of their house and hold up for yourself (money/food) Smoking weed is going to be all the greater.
  11. Alright man, but only if she's hot. ;)
  12. All these stories make me think kids just aren't as slick as they used to be...I never got caught in the house ever my parents didn't realize I smoked till they surprised me at my apartment, and I was fucking doing bong loads.
  13. All jokes aside,

    I think you're parent had a feeling it was you because mine would mostly care about where I got the weed. The scale can be bought ANYWHERE, but it was shitty for your sis to mention you.

    But, shes fucking 19 and answering to her parents? I 'm away for college so even if they decided to drug test me, unless they take me out (Which they can't seeing as how I'm paying for most of college...student loans) they can't do anything about it but just scorn at me. Plus all my bud + pieces are up here so its all good.

    Moral of the story, go away for college and toke up and DON'T try anything hard because you would only prove your dad right.
  14. You have an rx7? What year? I have always wanted one of those, been lookin for one for... Well forever. Sorry to get off subject, that shit sucks. Been there and done that shit. Just think of it as a super long t break once you move out on your own it will be way better.
  15. this is gonna be a long post to respond to u guys, i appreciate your insights

    im not offended, but actually you're wrong, i have a job at subway (the sandwich place) and im an honor roll student meaning i get all a's and b's, and i play lacrosse and football

    ahah that was funny

    i was slick, my parents had no idea i've been smoking for 3 years, thats why it sucks even more to get ratted out, theres nothing i can do about it

    someone plus rep him for the good advice cuz it wont let me

    i have no idea dude, it's my step dads, he had it before he and my mom got married so its some year before 2004, all i know is it's white and he drives it maybe once a year, he used to do time trials with it, like a hobby
  16. A movie theatre in your hosue?? Goddamn your pretty rich.. back on topic, just lay low for a while until you are able to smoke undetected again. itl be alright your just gonna have to stop smoking for a while and if you do it has to be no where near your house
  17. i'm sorry dude, my friend got busted for growing a little bit back, i still hangout w/ him daily basically, closest friend. most friends in high school suck and will never talk to them again afterwards. my advice is relax smoking, pick up a couple good books, the art of seduction is really good and can practice picking up women in your spare time.

    self improvement is all you have left, i feel like that typically and do so.
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    It's def a bummer how your parents cracked down on you dude. It sucks when parents become very overbearing. When will parents learn that it doesn't always work? And in fact, often breeds negative responses to the "detainee"?

    though, from what I read so far about the situation, I have to say, though I know you won't like it...

    ...but you DID sell your sister the stuff, no? Surely you didn't actually think before you chose to sell them to her, "Nothing will ever happen to me because my parents will never find out, and I will never be held responsible for doing this!". The only person you can really count on with that kind of shit is yourself man. I totally understand your anger and frustrations in this situation, but take a step back and look past your own bias. Your parents obviously have their reasons for being against marijuana. Though it really sucks that your parents don't trust you anymore, you shouldn't be so mad for being held responsible for doing something that you knew your parents would verily not approve of, so in a way, you did break their "trust", as shitty as that sounds. It's just weed... And try not to hate your sister forever - she cracked. She told the truth. Everyone has the potential to crack. You got caught doing / having done something that your parents hate. They're just trying to do things for you that they think will help you in the long run - however ignorant towards marijuana they may be. (Or you never know, they might know more about it than you/have more personal experience than they let you know about ;))

    I totally see your anger and frustration, but if you can't do the time... Don't get caught. :smoke:

    I'm trying not to be an asshole - I feel for ya man. My parents don't agree with marijuana either, and I don't know what they'd do if they found out I smoked... Multiple beatings and disapproval for life, probably. I just kind of see a bit of a bratty/self-righteous tone going on here (got caught, mad at THEM for YOU getting caught for something "wrong" that YOU did), and being as that is a major pet peeve of mine, for multiple reasons, I had to say something.

    Much love to ya man, I pray no ill feelings. I hope it all works out for you.
  19. I feel you man. My sister snitched on me too except she actually called the cops on me and got me arrested. It wasn't about weed though.

    But keep your head up and let her know that shit isn't acceptable. Even if that means ignoring the shit outta her.
  20. your peoples are out of their fuckin minds. just sayin.

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