My sister is sleeping with random bums? What should I do?

Discussion in 'General' started by fragyn, Jul 12, 2017.

  1. I just found out my sister has no self-respect. She's been sleeping with random bums of the street and she's only 17. I've been consuming ganja to help me solve this dilemma. Should I let her do her and watch her become a stripper or a prostitute? I don't think she'll find her true happiness there. Should I intervene?
  2. uhh...
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  3. Of course you should intervene.
    She's 17. She's your sister. No good can come from this course she's on.
    Be a good brother and help.
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  4. What's wrong with strippers and prostitutes?:coolalt:
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  6. I think you'd feel differently if they were your sisters.
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  7. I doubt it, honestly.:coolalt:
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  8. Be her pimp and make some cash bro.
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  9. I have two and it wouldn't bother me. I mean, it's their choice, and I don't really see prostitution as an awful thing like some do. It's just another way to get by. I mean, apparently a lot of men really enjoy women and are more than willing to pay money even just to look! Personally, I think it should become more accepted and legalized so that way it can be done more safely, they can have rooms set up for it and security guards all over and could have systems in place to get the guards there without the guy knowing if things get outta control.

    Although if it is prostitution, the whole minor thing makes it a whole different level and that, you should be concerned about.
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  10. 3/10 Put some effort into it atleast :/.
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  11. I totally agree with you. However, this is my sister, and the problem is that I don't think prostitution is where she really wants to be at. Some people resort to sex because they're going thru depression,etc...and then look back at it in disgust, which ends up causing even more pain. So I'll def intervene and talk to her tomorrow. :)
  12. Btw, this is why I'm kinda in between. I'm fine with prostitution, but I'm not sure if I want to see my sister in that business. It's strange because I don't normally view prostitution in a negative light...
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  13. thnx, I'll do that tomorrow.
  14. At least confront her about it and ask why she's doing it.

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  15. Send her my

  16. Send her to me I'm a bum and I like sleeping with people:ey:
  17. Next time on "Shit that never happened"
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  18. Wait... your gonna wacth her become those things? Kinda creepy that you watched your sister get uh.... :blush::blink:
  19. That part made me lol. How the fuck would "consuming ganja" help to solve this situation?
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  20. Where's her father?

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