my sister has the connections, but I can't get her to use them

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    my sister has all the pot connections she could possibly ever need, yet she just refuses to help me.. I have been dry for quite some time and have moved to a new town where I know no peers. in order to get her to cooperate, i feel that i'll have to give her something in exchange.. money won't do it (i mean, enough would but i don't have it), and i cannot think of anything else to coax her. she doesn't really like smoking all that much, so she never has her own supply. she couldn't care less about my own smoking needs, and it's admittedly kind of pathetic that i don't know anyone else well enough to ask them the favor. it has been so long, so i come here to ask you guys, please to like rack your brains and try to think of something i could offer to make her want to find me weed.

    she has it at her fingertips! seriously, it drives me crazy that she totally neglects my begging her for this.
    :poke: :cry:
  2. *Looks at watch*

    Some negative post about your sister await..
  3. kick her in the shins. or poop on her bed.
  4. .. Are you a redneck? :ey:
  5. Your sister sucks.
  6. Oh?? Tell me more
  7. idk man.. you'd have to explain what your sisters like first lol
  8. [quote name='"Flemian"']*Looks at watch*

    Some negative post about your sister await..[/quote]

    Lol, howd you do that?!?!?

  9. been here since 06... you learn a few things..
  10. I never did get why people get so cuntish about helping someone score some weed, more so when they can actually vouch for them.

    If my sister asked me if I could score for her, I would. Same if one of my friends asked. It's not that much effort.
  11. Damn my sister used to be like that back when I was a youngish teen .. Around 15-16 my sister was like 19-20 and in her first few years of college she thought she knew it all lol she had hookups for alcohol for days but she never helped me out not even with like blunts Which she could buy herself . She's a great sister still but back then she seemed like such a bitch going out and getting drunk then coming back and telling me i was too young to be smoking or drinking like I was a child when she wasn't too much older . I suggest sneak around and stuff look at her phone while she's sleeping for a connec and just make up a lie how you got the connecs # but definatly try and find your own hookups

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