My sis was raped, I havn't seen my plants

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by mranderson, Jun 2, 2003.

  1. My sister was raped so me and my family droped everything and came to miami. (where she lives) I have a friend wattering them every 4-5 days. the problem is, they've been growing since 5-17 on 24/7 250 watt HPS light. I'm thinking they really need to get into flowering, but I"m not gonna be home till friday. Whats gonna happen to them??? My buddy said that they're kinda limp and leaning on the edges of the pots. I can't get him to go and hook up a timer or anything b/c frankly his not the smartest guy in the world. so I'm gonna have to do that when I get home. Its about 81º in there, with no ferts, and no fan. So are they just gonna be really tall, or are they already dead?

  2. Don't worry about it ...take care of ur sister, Plants can be grown back. Your plants should be fine. Sometimes they be dead but in most cases if the plant is getting light, oxygen, co2 and water should be alive. Sometimes the quality of the plant may be down, but they will be alive. Hope this helps and hope they catch the people who raped ur sister and cut their dicks off...
  4. tell your friend to get a fan in their for at least some ventilation
  5. Chill kid. Don't give him grief. He already has his hands full with the whole situation. He cares about his Sis cause he left to go to florida.....I can understand ur anger 420Shade....I hate rapists and child abusers .....this world is fucked up. Hope they catch the guy who did it. It gotta be a guy ......Keep us informed .....
  6. Its all good .....Peace!
  7. and understanding is all it takes .you look after ya sister mate .Don,t even think of revenge only hurts you .....just get on with ya life ,and if ya ever see them walking across the road :D well you never held a grudge ,lol....Get over it and move on my friend is the best advise ya gonna get .Me ,l would like to think l would keep thr debt in mind ...maybe a few years .but l don,t think l would forget or forgive .
  8. Those plants would be the least of my worries.. Take care of your sis and then take care of your plants..

    You can always replant but you can't replace your sis!!!
  9. well said Bud
  10. yea m8...tend to your sis...good luck finding the basterd.., and hope he enjoys his jail time..your plants will regrow if they are spoiled.
  11. that sucks real bad dude . . . dont worry bout the plants they will be fine
  12. they found the guy... he assulted a couple of the arresting officers so hes being held with out bond. I'm sure hes having fun being passed around the community cell ass raping circle. My sis is doing much better. right now I'm with her and my mom at the naples florida 5 star Ritz Carlton. suck up is devine. thanks for everyones help, I've gotten to the point of not really worrying about my plants. it was my first grow and they were all regs anyways. later guys

  13. At least he got some ass be for he got locked up..

  14. I am sure by now he is walking funny

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