my shroom trip last night...

Discussion in 'General' started by waterhurley, Apr 23, 2006.

  1. i need to tell someone about this. and im sorry if this doesnt make sense but something happened to me last night. something odd yet amazing. so heres what happened:

    my parents go up to bed and whatever. at that point i eat half an 8th of some VERY POTENT shrooms. i had never had any this strong before. i was tripping my nuts off. the harder and harder i hit the more and more i realized i wasnt out on this trip. my friends had said if things start to get bad just take some melatonin and it will kill thetrip. WRONG!

    i crawl upstairs to bed figuring "maybe i can sleep it off". i had never done shrooms so late at night before. you cant sleep on shrroms. impossible. so here i was 1am tripping my head off tired as fuck but anytime i close my eyes and try to fall asleep i end up in this little 20 min trip.

    it was soooooo enlightening to me. and i saw myself in 10 years. and i realized that in order to be the person i want to be i neet to stop with the drugs. i was on a drug to realize that drugs are bad. i mean i saw some cool shit on shrooms but this was just so utterly powerful. my mind had explored all new areas of the universe.

    i remeber the trip wearing off and finally being able to fall asleep. i was done tripping at about 3:30am. i had just woken up and took amin to think about my trip. it litterally brought me to tears. i sat here crying just thinking. i havent cried since my grandfather (who i was sort of close to as a kid) died. im still tearing up just typing this.

    i wish i could put into words what i felt last night. it was the most powerful message to me. so forthat i think im done with all drugs. pot, shrooms, anything.

    i know many of you wont understand this but it was soo powerful and enlightening to me i dont think i will ever be the same again.
  2. First of all , you must never do shrooms alone!!! and leaving drugs is your call but if that shit happens to me I would quit shrooms but not pot I suppose but goo luck on your up coming days...
  3. waterhurley,

    That's the kind of experiences shrooms should bring about! Those Life changing experiences... the ones that make you see Life/the world/universe from a different perspective. Liberating, isn't it?! Energizing even when you've come down. So, I'm really interested... what thought processes brought you to the decision to stop all drugs? Does the universe make more sense to you now?

    Suggestion: write all this shit down somewhere and put a date on it... today's date. Put it somewhere and don't lose it. Pull it out 10 years down the road and see if what you saw in last night's trip is what really happens.

    I'm smilin' BIG TIME for you, dude! Let me know how things go from here, would you?

  4. i had done shrooms before. i had done them alone. i was warned that these were wicked stong so i dosed half of what i usually do. god damn she wasnt kidding. they kicked my ass. im gonna sell off the rest of thatbag tomarrow.

    thanks tweech. thats the type of thing i was hoping i would get out of posting this thread. i mean it really was life changing. after realizing i couldnt sleep and closing my eyes was just shooting my mind in all sorts of directions, at one point i opened my eyes and couldnt say anything to my self other then an audible "woah". it truley was intense and i think im gonan change for the better.

    the more ithink about it in my sober state im just gonna take a brake from pot. if in like 2 or 3 weeks i still want it then ill smoke it again. but for now i could use the money so well see what happens and ill try and remeber to keep this thread updated :wave:
  5. sorry i missed this before... but yeah it does make more sense. it was incredibly weird. i was laying in bed in dead silence just watching my curtains twist, melt, then form a sticky goo. i mean the wohle time i knew i was halucinating it all but it was an open call. im 18 and i have a future in front of me, now its time to open the doors and find out what it is calling to me. and as i closed my eyes and started this universe trip thing i realized that you can hold yourself prisoner, but only your own mind will set you free from yourself.

    yes this was the hardest ive ever tripped and i only ate 1 cap. the cap weighed out to be .9 grams. i got the 8th for free.

    thanks for the positive response tweech. +rep for ya:)

    all in all its going to make me appricate sober life more, life in genral is a new place. it was almost an enlightenment
  6. Damn dude, Im jealous I would kill to have an experience like that. I gotta get my hands on some shrooms
  7. where bouts in mass do you live? they are local to the area at the moment... maybe there some where you live and you dont even know it :p
  8. I definitly know where your coming from Hurley, I had and expierience with an 1/8th of some amazing shrooms that made me want to quit all drugs, and I did for like a month. Then you realize its all about moderation and keeping control and knowing when to stop. Good luck with sorting out the knowledge you gained from this expierience as it is alot to take on!
  9. Wacky shit dude...


    "Once a stoner, always a stoner"

    Occasional breaks are good though... You get a little cash and a little clear headed time... good luck man.
  10. damn man that shit sounds intense thats the main reason i would never do shrooms they are suppose to change you ans bring out a different side and i dont want that and as for now waterhurley take care man hope to see you blazing soon again:)
  11. That sounds like some really deep stuff, man. Hope the experiance changed you for the better. Hope it works out.
  12. My first trip on salvia was like that. I smoked a hit of it myself, and I totally underestimated the power of the standardized 10x extract. On the way up, I was having the worst trip ever. I was looking for my spaceship, and I couldn't find it. I was just yelling in my head to stop, but I couldn't control anything anymore. I know what you mean when you say you're going to quit all drugs. After my bad trip on salvia, I don't think I can handle another one. I think I'm going to take a break from anything psychedelic for a couple months. I think the salvia fucked me up way too much, because even a week later, I'm still thinking about that trip.
  13. so are you done with everything? i've had a trip similar, trippin hard as fuck, try to fall asleep end up getting into deep thought and realize your fuckin' shit up, however i only changed for like half a week haha...but as of right now, i'm not even smoking herb really, this was out of a choice of sobriety though
  14. i hear ya blaze im on my 9th month without weed...
  15. this makes me think of one of my first major trips... over the summer i walked around my college campus, then after dark came home for a nice 'alone trip'. i know everyone thinks those are bad... but i too find them very liberating, and i love knowing/understanding the truth behind my life, and causes/effects... all that.

    so what i did in my room is make myself the most comfortable i could. all dark, in front of comp with pleanty of bud and sublime - 40oz to freedom. then i opened msword, and turned off my monitor. enjoying the music and smoking bowls as necessary, i had a great time. then i decided to dive deep...

    so my goal was to integrate my fingers into my keyboard, so i typed everything i thought w/out having to think to type... im a fast typer, too so it worked. so im swaying to the music, sometimes on one knee, hulicinating in the dark, tripping about my life and each person in it, and typeing it all. i peaked like never before, and have it all on record. i was and still am pretty stoked about it, it was my best and most intense trip ever, and one of the most influential and memorable experiences of my life. afterward my body was all cramped up and i was exhausted, it was crazy.

    anyway, retrospec will bring understanding, and i dont remember who said it but its all about the balance. but shrooms do open you up... and if your afraid of that....
  16. i don't think you'll quit. Has mj really been a bad influence in your life?
  17. That's crazzy man. If you actually do stop all drugs... please come back to this site in 10 years and tell us if you're where you thought you would be. Or maybe you're still on the shrooms and are'nt thinking straight. It's your life, your choices. So good luck to you in the future.
  18. [QUOTE-just blaze]trippin hard as fuck, try to fall asleep end up getting into deep thought and realize your fuckin' shit up[/QUOTE]

    bigno! exactly what was happeneing to me. i eventually "woke up" at one point and said "woah"to myself because the thoughts were so overwhelming. it was soo intense. i cant look at things the same way again.

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