My short-story (written when I was baked)

Discussion in 'General' started by Stoner_Dude, Oct 13, 2014.

  1. So yesterday I decided to take a few bucket rips when my parents went out. After getting totally fucked I decided to chat with a good friend of mine on Facebook and I decided to rant on about a short story I needed to write for an English project. I decided to tell her my idea (which I was making up on the spot). This is what I thought would be a good story (whiles baked).
    <span style="background-color:rgb(154,169,139);">So the main character's best friend just died (she was run over) and he commits suicide.

    He wakes up.... as a girl, and everything seems to be okay just that everyone's gender had been switched, including his bestfriends (who is now a dude) but they don't realize it until a year of living in this parallel universe, and they get flashbacks of the old world they lived in, with their original genders, and they start to feel like they don't like their current genders. so they get a sex change and live their life happily ever after</span>

  2. Do you think I could get an A+ with this idea?
  3. What

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  4. I want a rough draft on my desk by lunch

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  5. You should make movies dude

  6. A guy that wants to go back to female...

    Now I know to find it in the fictional section.
  7. It's nice, but it all matters on how you present the idea in the paper. Do their memories get erased? Conspiracies? Guys that already know? Aliens? :bongin: idk,man.

    It's like a lot of movies, except it's about gender.

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