My short story (No Name yet)

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  1. So I'm riding my bus home last October. I look out the window and there's a red bull can next to an empty water bottle, sitting in a drainage ditch on top of the drain.

    Who are these drink containers? Do they hate each other? They come from completely different sides. The water is something everything needs, and yet red bull gives you wings and shit. One is made from plastic, the other, aluminum or whatever. These cans could not be farther apart, and yet they have a common purpose that was apparently filled out. They quenched somebody's thirst, and once this was done, they were discarded. Straight into a drainage ditch. Right next to each other.

    Months pass. Snow falls. Melts. Rain pours. Drains away. Winds blow. Lightning strikes. Time passes. It is now May. Those cans are still sitting there, in the same position. The shape of the drain somehow protected them from blowing away or befalling other fates. Even though this can and bottle hated each other in the beginning, they stuck with each other through thick and thin. Love blossomed. Yes, a red bull can fell in love with an empty water bottle.

    Unable to express their love, they have to do with just being next to each other. Barely even touching. Now they are still there, awaiting the day when the right gust of wind comes along, and blows one away from the other. Or a man, cleaning up the road splits them up with his pokey stick of death. The cruelty of the situation is mindblowing. Who's to say these cans can't be together?

    But all is not lost. In trillions of years, when all traces of the cans, even the earth is nothing but atoms drifting in space. Space has stopped expanding, and has begun retracting. The big crunch is happening. It takes a few more billion years, but then it all implodes into a singularity, and the atoms of the can and water bottle reunite, at the end of the universe.

    Now, I need a name for it :)

    Rate/10? Comments?
  2. Wow
    That's Really Good

    how about
    'Water & Red Bull'?

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