my short spoof on coke vs pepsi with bong

Discussion in 'General' started by matay, Sep 16, 2007.

  1. just ok man, you are hard .
  2. That was good.
    I liked the camera angles and music choice.
    Very professionally done.
  3. That was pretty well produced for a youtube movie. Did you make that for some sort of contest or festival?
  4. just for fun and soul.
  5. very well done.

    the question thats killing me though is.. did you use real weed?
  6. Haha. I wasn't trying to be a dick or anything like that... i just wanted to quickly post so I could take a poop. Yeah, it was tastefully done, from one armature film maker to another.
  7. no way it was hard enough to make many take's with tabbaco
  8. true. after the 5th take i'de be like alright guys this is a wrap,even if we werent finished.
  9. Im gonna take a swing in the dark and say iMovie?
  10. man you know a lot what is imovie
  11. Its an editing software thats built into Macs, i use Final Cut Express... don't tell me you used Windows Movie Maker?
  12. i have an MFA in film but i dont know how to edit:D. we used evid.
  13. This was posted earlier I think.

    And I'm sorry, but I just have to mention I'm getting a really strong vibe that you're playing this video off as your own, when in fact it's not.

    Sorry if that isn't true, but My vibes are usually good.

    Otherwise the video is great, cuz im a coke fan... and now yea, I do remember this was posted.
  14. funny thing is, I thought the Same exact thing.
  15. You mean Avid? Damn, a masters in fine arts, editing should be your second language. Oh well. Learn it bro, def some money in that field.
  16. your vibs are bad today man. it is my film i am just first timer in forums so i used a nic naem, my name is in the credit after the film micky z
    the clip is on you tube and metacafe and it is a week old. i trid yesterday to put it on this forum but i made errors(new user) so maybe you saw that.
    it was shot in tel aviv israel in 2 days and a week of editing music by a friend took 7days and thats it
  17. I refuse to watch this video, only because you're posting it all over the damn boards in every post you make.

    It's really irritating, maybe you should look into a better way of advertising.
  18. Well like I said, man. If it really is, which I mean obviously there's no way for me to be sure as of now... but of course you know, so who gives a shit if I think otherwise... think of it that way.

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