My shit smells like herb. why?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by hotimport, Jun 19, 2006.

  1. And this isnt the first time, its happened probably 6 times that i noted. probably spread over three years or something. last time i farted marijuana smell... theres no stink to it... its straight weed, and that was becuase we made some tea from stems and herbs. this time i did nothing, and it was awesome... so fragrant. haha... this is probably sounding so disgusting, but seriously... i'm not the only one, my friends notice too. they said it happens a few times. what are your thoughts??? should we classify this as a miracle, or simply natures way of rewarding us.. haha i have no idea!!! do you know why it happens? do you know how it happens? was it something i ate??? let me know :):):):)
  2. nature's way of rewarding us? lol, one time i farted after tokin up and i stunk up a friend's room and he was pissed at me :p
  3. I call bullshit.

    Haha, no pun intended :)
  4. its not a lie!! i promise... someone else has got to have experienced this phenomenom
  5. the smell is stuck in ur nose bro :p smells can last hours and even days in your nostrils and u can sometimes think you smell it on something else. Or maybe u made friends with the fart gods lol i dunno

  6. Fart Gods..lmao...
  7. between this and the armpit thread i'm thoroughly disgusted. but farting is pretty funny. haha. :D
  8. yeah... soemtimes i randomly smell marijuana in the most random places and times.

  9. I work the drive thru at mcdonalds. I always smell marijuana.

    Ever heard the expression "so and so think's their shit smells like roses"
    Well the actual meaning doesnt apply to this but I thought it was funny-ish cuz their both buds :-/
  10. dude, maybe its your herb that smells like shit.
  11. I think you're full of shit.
  12. this is a shitty thread (i had to do it)
  13. so maybe if your friends inhale your gas they will be high.

  14. i have deffinently taken a shit the day after smoking all day. and made the bathroom reek of pot. reek. it was hella wierd.
  15. yeah me too. Never farted weed smell though.
  16. hmm.. doesn't make sense... lol
  17. My shit smells like weed for some reason too.
  18. so, I ate some brownies. The only good kind. And the next day, my shit smelt like THC. What's the big deal? It goes in... something's gotta come out.

  19. Its happened to me after I smoke ALOT (and I mean ALOT) of weed. My piss has smelt like it before too. :confused:

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