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My shed was just being broken into

Discussion in 'General' started by foxracing500r, Aug 31, 2009.

  1. Hardly. If they broke into your house, fucking nail em. The fact that they are in your home is enough to expect them to be dangerous.
  2. [​IMG]
    dude. sup fox? that sucks and i woulda capped that mother fucker. The adrenaline is pretty intense. i guess this is what the world HAS come to my friend. WHY?! fuckin stupid.
  3. your a pretty bomb person for being able to not shoot them.
    seriously it would be way hard to overcome the urge
  4. That shit was crazy last night, me and my mom talked about it again, and she said she deffinitly heard them outside her room. I deffinitly heard my aluminum shed being opened, now its time to do a perimeter check before work. I will update later around 3
  5. Shit good thing you only shot the ground.

    Now you don't gotta talk to the police for the next couple weeks..
  6. You shoulda shot that motherfucker in his leg or somethin. Show everybody who wants to break into your shit who's boss. The crack-head community is very small therefore news travels quick
  7. I know how u feel I had someone break into my house while I was there. They ran as i went for the thing to mess them up with.. Just dont shoot to kill, pop them in the knee so they have the rest of their life to remember not to steal someone else's stuff.
  8. It's harder to shoot someone than u think.. i promise, u get all these racing thought like "what if they die" and even if ur in the right u still have to prove ur innocence.
  9. Fox, the gunslingin' toke-smokin' one-man killin' machine!

    If I had been the intruder, and heard a gunshot, I would've shit my trousers and peaced.


    See that? That is you, my friend. GET OFF MY FUCKING LAWN RAWR!
  10. That's what smoking the devils plant does to you!!! :mad:

    Haha jk man, good thing you heard them coming, and good job not shooting them.
  11. look at the tip of the barrel on that gun. i probly woulda had somethin to say about him pointing a fake ass gun at me
  12. Hahaha, that may be so...

    BUT... who says whether he can't turn the gun around and mash your head into creme brulee with the stock? Hahaha.
  13. He's fuckin' Clint Eastwood, he could do anything. He'd stare you down and make you eat the whole rifle.
  14. I have always believed, if you arent mad enough to kill somebody, than you arent mad, and why waste time.

    Last night, I was mad, and in all honesty, I would have no problem killing somebody. That is why my old neighbor in the Army, wanted me to join so bad. I dont have a problem ending a human life if I know its right. Kinda sadistic, but shit, its just me.

    I looked over everything today, nothing was taken. What makes me mad, is they were around the back of my house, where there is nothing but woods, and around my moms room. Me and her have been through some shit, but I would still cap somebody over family, and I would to the stint in jail with no problem.

    Last night, all my frustration came out in that one bullet. I am glad I didnt aim where I heard the person. Because in all honesty, I am scared to think of what I would have done.

    The even weirder part, is less than a week ago, I had a dream, that I pulled this same gun, on somebody else in my yard. I think it was like 25 kids in my dream, they were riding quads and tearing up my shit.
  15. i <3 the second amendment.
  16. Cause everybody knows Bruce lee used nun chucks ;)
  17. #37 sky dog, Aug 31, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 31, 2009
    Thankfully we have someone at least mildly familiar with the law

    Shooting someone for simply breaking into your house is illegal in most places. You cannot legally shoot an intruder unless they are threatening your immediate safety, and no, just breaking into someone's house doesn't qualify.
  18. Hardly..if someone broke into your house and is walking out with your TV, and you shoot them in the back as they're walking out, you're fucked because he was obviously leaving and you still insisted on killing the man.

    Honestly, yea, if somebody was running through my house with an axe or gun trying to hurt my family or me, of course I'd be glad to take their head off, but no, you're more than likely going to get fucked in the ass for killing someone walking out, as you're not in fear of your life and that would be obvious, with gun shots in the back of his head and him laying on his face.
  19. I know all that, but its WV, as long as I warn tresspassers 3 times, I am clear to shoot.
  20. I would have shot their ass.

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