My Sh*tty Glass Collection

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    ATTENTION: Please turn on any sense of humor you might have before continuing. It may be a dry one, but its there.

    As I don't want to soil some other thread. I guess I will show my single, gigantic, Piece of Shit Leviathan tube. A gift from a friend, that makes some supposedly Shitty Glass. I wouldn't know, as all I know and use is Shitty Glass. It used to be Cheap Glass, but that got old, after they kept breaking. Please be kind... or Hell, don't. I know its a Shitty Collection. I'm constantly reminded, because I don't own any Good Glass... like Toro, Mobius, Apix, Sov, SGW, etc...

    Hold all giggles until the end. How many pictures can I have of one stupid tube?

    NOTE: I did the best I could, with the set/lighting. Just a cell phone, an old fluorescent natural grow light, a TV table and old curtain for some contrast.

    Leviathan 22" Custom Omega (replaced beaker base with 60mm tube, bottom to top, 60mm, 70mm, 50mm) Custom 4 slit, 12 hand-punched hole downstem.
    There you go... My Shitty Glass Collection. :eek:

    However, I do own some other Shitty Glass. I've been told before that My Shitty Collection is nothing but Shitty M&M Tech and Shitty Vapor Brothers. So I guess this is the rest of My Shitty Leviathan/M&M Tech, Vapor Brothers Collection. Oh yeah... and that Shitty Dirty Rico. :ey:

    M&M Tech Crystal Ice Perc (No, its not a rip-off on a Matrix. Its nothing like a Matrix. Its a hand-cut barrel, with a spiral hand-wrapped glass rod around the barrel, creating the diffusion points. The perc and cuts are not crooked, its an optical illusion, caused by the spiral wrap of the rod. Its wrapped from one end, while spinning the barrel, to the other end)
    M&M Tech Hand-Woven Lattice (Similar to a pie crust, this is a hand-woven, lattice. The individual rods of glass are laid in the grid/weave pattern)
    Leviathan/M&M Tech Group Shot
    GlassBlowerDirect BigDaddyVapor Bubbler (This was more of a custom graphics job, though it is an enjoyable free-flowing bubbler to use. 5mm boro. There have been issues with the MP joint breaking, on a batch of these, that went out. Mine has held up just fine. Oops, this isn't a Leviathan/M&M Tech, VB, nor Dirty Rico... hmmm. Pardon the different picture set, couldn't find all the perc/sand-blast pictures that goes with it)
    Dirty Rico Apocoline (Couldn't forget this Piece of Shit)
    Infamous $40 Vapor Brothers No-Name Hydrator Knock-Off (Linus at VB still hates this piece. Makes a nice little oil rig, though. I keep waiting for it to break. Excuse the soap buildup. I was trying a new cleanser, which I no longer use)
    Vapor Brothers Mini-Hydrator & SSFG Mini Inline AC/Perc (Preferred set-up... makes a nice little oil and vapor rig)
    SSFG Gridded Bubbler (This is a small piece, from Dave M. Does some nice gridded work on the inline. One of the only pieces that gets used with my MFLB, Heat Island log vape and VB HF. Nice versatile, small piece)
    SSFG Travel Beaker w/ showerhead downstem & MiO Micro w/ custom showerhead (Might as well, stay on-topic)
    SSFG 15" Gridded Tube (Most recent SSFG. Has some physical flaws, but still works flawlessly)
    HVY Blue Wave 10" Straight Tube (I just got this, for another easy to grab, fill, use piece. I had a custom 15-slit gridded downstem made for it. Blower was quite shocked when I asked for it, 1 3/4" long. LOL! He actually pulled it off. Every cut is separate)
    Treehouse Glass Gridded Bub (Most recent purchase. They need a better name for this. Awesome little Piece of Simax Shit!)
    Just some group shots of my Shitty Glass
    Finally, some progression shots. (Life has a way of dumping more shit on us... though, some Shit it given to "friends". Muahahaha!)
    To Today's Current Full of Shit Collection
  2. LOL I find it so funny how mad you get.
  3. So shit; how do you live with yourself

  4. I find it so funny you find anger in there. Ever heard the expression, "tongue-in-cheek"?

    What I find fascinating however, is why you're even in this thread?

    Trolling perhaps?

  5. you clearly made this to show how not shit your glass is and defend it.

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    Wait? I'm confused?

    So my glass isn't Shit Glass?

    You know man, before this all started up, I actually enjoyed reading your posts. Think I even liked a few. You might want to join me in a reboot and add a little smartass to my replies to. You might understand me a bit better... and Hell, wee might get along.

    I was actually thankful, you gave me the idea for the thread title. Oh sure, it will raise some hackles... but I made you look. Didn't I? ;)

    No man. No anger here. I'm not an angry guy. I'm a beat to Hell, just want to vape some damn good herb. Talk about glass and get away from the nastiness of the world. I used to always say stoners were better than drunks, because who's ever met a mean stoner? A lot of us, myself included... are guilty of ruining the rep. Me? I'm tired of it and just want to get back to it.
  7. I 100% agree lets get back to being chill . You know not one critic would turn down a bowl of nugs or a fat dab out of anything you own . It's great when people share , thanks dude . This is almost as good as a why trolls suck thread ;)

  8. same im down. You do have some nice pieces. i really do like that gridded disc sorta thing on that m&m bub. Treehouse piece is fucking sexy as hell also
  9. How many pics can you have of one piece :eek:
    Nice glass OP, a lot better than my home made bubbler.
  10. nice glass big daddy vapor, you can have amazing glass without it being name brand.. Some of those pieces had alot of work put into them and no one should put down a piece like that unless they can do better, thanks for sharing !
  11. LOL! I know. One thing I'll forever curse TheCanadian for, is how much @#$%ing time that took.

    I thought I resized everything to max 800px, don't want to clear my cache though. Hope it doesn't look as messy on everyone else. I was planning to go thru and edit it needed.

    That's how I got hooked up with a lot of these pieces. I don't have $400 at a time to drop on glass. Sure, I could save... but something always comes up and *POOF* there went my glass money. Then you run into people like Ray and Alison Verling at SSFG. They truly are a very small company. Alison told me herself, they're going to scale back their web presence, because its actually causing too much work. But its good stuff. And there's lot's of them out there. I like discovering them. Though, I certainly wouldn't say no to any of the beautiful, gorgeous pieces some have. MrTea went thru some wild stuff, before he moved onto heady.

    I know some of my stuff isn't the highest quality. But, its all better than any China glass or production line glass, with the exception of the no-name bubbler, which is still a USA blown piece, by a respectable blower (and I think got in trouble for to)... just Chinese boro. Several of my rigs however, will stand up with the big boys.

    See! Now, I take back every mean thing you said about me. ;)

    You have excellent taste. The big monstrosity is the sentimental one... but the two you picked out, are the ones you would have to pry from my fingers.
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    Shot a few/four videos tonight. Editing now. This is the best one, IMO.

    (sorry, our sons are gone, leaving us only with almost teen daughter. i'm going insane)
    (HD 1080)​
  13. where did you buy the heat island log from?
  14. Those are sick ass hell pieces BDV
  15. Guy that makes the Toasty Top vapes (he has a website for them). He just finished an out-of-state move and will be cranking out full construction soon. If you would like to get on the waiting list (no cost and you can change your mind at any time). I don't know if I'm allowed to give it out. But you can find him on fuckcombustion or hit me up for his email. That's how you get on the list. Its going to be VERY reasonably priced to.
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    Holy Glass, Batman! That's a boatload of pictures to load. I gotta edit that (done).

    Got my new piece yesterday. Thought I heard someone up on the porch early on, walked out when I got up... and there it was, in a big brown, plain box.

    Justin (EFS) does some seriously nice work. The Simax, is just like the little Treehouse Bubbler, I got last month. They're just so smooth and I won't say "flawless", but damn... close as you can get, with human interaction, imo.

    Tube specs
    13.25" tall
    70mm can
    38mm bent neck
    5.5" 7mm base
    Gridded Donut Perc (12 cuts, 36 points of diffusion)
    19mm shaped lenz bistabil joint
    Simax glass
    Lot of stuff to process right now, pics, videos, impressions. So far, absolutely kicks ass. One of the smoothest, I've ever hit. Judging from initial impressions, this will get weeks long use, before I switch up. I like it that much. The only knock on it, is the massive base. Which when you think about it, is kind of silly to criticize... but, this thing could take out a lot of glass pieces, in my closet. Ouch!

    I'll write a full review, when I get a chance. Video uploading...

    Oh, I think I've maxed out my glass closet. I meant to move it all into a spare room, extra closet. Was going to build shelves, lighting and put a lock on the door. Would have been beautiful <sniff>... our youngest son, moved back in and thump. There went those dreams. I'm stuck, until we can get his ass out of here again.

    The Final Pic?
    Haha... yeah, right!

    A video? Why not!
    HD 1080 (blow it up)
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    Been doing some heavy lifting on my two favorite pieces, since the arrival of the Eat Fuck Skydive rig. Couldn't believe it was going to take over my glass closet, in the matter of days... I knew the Lattice was ready for the challenge, however.

    Its a bit long at 5 minutes. I figure the live version of Stranglehold would suit some of the shaky camera, in the beginning and I think it was a wise choice. Gives it the right vibe.

    Hope you enjoy My Shitty Glass :metal: . Blow it up wide-screen HD 1080 and crank up Nugent (if you like old guitar oriented classic rock).
    EFS Triple-Gridded Donut Perc Tube vs Leviathan/M&M Tech Hand-Woven Lattice Perc Bubbler - Dabs
  18. Diggin it! impressed with your ever growing collection!
  19. shitty....that i dont have one!  looks awesome!  
    that lattice perc is sick
  20. Latest versus.

    The hated Dirty Rico Apocoline vs Treehouse Glass Gridded Showerhead.
    HD 1080 full-screen

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