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My setup!

Discussion in 'Bongs, Bubblers, Water Pipes' started by mada12589, Mar 29, 2011.

  1. In the city, Back Bay area.

    And DerekCA: I agree that your across the country is a longer distance, but Fl to MA is across the country north to south. :p
  2. could you rip it with blue food coloring in it please?
  3. I dont have blue food coloring at the moment, but I took a video with somewhat better lighting, but iphone quality...
    Second hit I pause before the clear so you can really get an idea how fast it clears.

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a-vDHzm0WLw]YouTube - ‪New rips.‬‏[/ame]
  4. man i love your videos nice set up
  5. Thanks! Hopefully I'll have some more glass to show off within the next 2 months. Should have at least a gridded showerhead a/c and bowl, possibly another even more custom little piece...but I'm still waiting to hear back about that... all from GMD.
  6. GMD makes a dope inline
  7. Nice set up man. Does that MFLB work well for you? I'm probably going to invest in one soon.

  8. Yeah it does. It doesn't get a lot of use though. They are wonderful as a portable piece, and also when I don't want to wait for my vape to heat up I can get a few quick hits off of that instead. They are probably my favorite portable right now, though I haven't used the life saber, which looks very good, and a few others I haven't tried. But, stationary vapes are almost all better than the mflb. If it is going to be your only piece, and you can have one to just keep at home I would recommend going with something stationary, but if portability is an issue then the MFLB is fantastic.
  9. dam dude nice setup all iv got is a 18" with ice catcher and the diffuser on my down stem broke (my friend pulled the downstem out with the bowl on accident)
    i guess i needa a upgrade :smoke:
    and hows the mflb? I think ima look into buying one that or a incredibowl
  10. i wish you stilled lived in FL mada.
    what part did you leave?
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    See the post before yours for info on the mflb. great portable vape. Can't comment on the incredibowl, I haven't tried one.

    Most recently tallahassee, went to FSU, before that Jacksonville till I was 18. I recommend getting out ASAP. Its too hot there, and other than the beach I kinda hate florida.. :p Boston FTW.
  12. Well it has to be portable, but I am also planning for a little bit of home use as well. I guess the MFLB would be the best bet for me cause I havn't seen as many good reviews on something that could be portable or used at home. Can't afford or store a stationary vape, and since i've heard the MFLB gives off little to no smell that would work great for semi-public use.
  13. Dude, I am SO with you, I don't need 10 months of summer, 2 months of spring when I love the cold weather. The laws and mindset here are so whack too.
    I live <20mins from the recently named top beach in the country.
    BUT it's also one of the top retirement cities.
    AND I don't care about the beach either.....>__________>
    Colorado is my dream state for the weather/mountains and mmj FUCK boston go Yankees :metal:

  14. Lol, Im in boston for the music schools and music scene, not so much for sports. If NY had Berklee then I would go there in a heartbeat.
    I'm assuming thats Miami, and yeah, Miami is cool. But its not quite like a real city to me, but pretty close. I love not needing a car anymore, public transportation, and tons of stuff in walking distance, but thats just my thing.
  15. PSHHH Sarasota, Miami would be better, probably less of an old crowd.
    If you google top beach 2011 and top retirement city 2011 sarasota pops up in both, tops for the beach (siesta key, it's alright I suppose, I've seen better IMO)
    I would already be out of here but I didn't want to leave everything I knew at 18 so I'm sticking it out for college -___-

  16. Ah, yeah. Not so much a fan of Sarasota, but there are way worse places. The way I figure it if I'm going to live somewhere hot and beachy..it better be in the caribbean. Fl feels like it really wishes it could be the caribbean, but its not even close. Maybe if I get famous I'll move to the caribbean for awhile. (If you have never been, you should go if you get a chance, great food, lots of fun). Can't blame a guy for dreaming.
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    I'm 19, I haven't been many places outside of FL besides visiting family in upstate NY since my parents only take vacations without me.
    Lakeland was a pretty shitty place, but I knew the people there so it made it better. My parents moved to Sarasota <a month after graduating HS and then I'm at college <a month later soooooooo everyone I know is like 90mins away and this city is full of slow old drivers -____-
    I'd rather look at snowcapped mountains than blue waters personally ;)
    I could just get a pool!
  18. New Pickup! Realized I had quite a bit of ABV sitting in a bag and it was time to put it to use. Decided it was time to make some QWISO (Which came out a little gross, as expected from ABV and my first run. I have a second extraction drying now, hopefully it will be a little cleaner. Dripping through the filter took a while, so overall the first run was soaking for too long, this one may be better. Didn't weigh the yeild, but it wasn't a lot. To go with that I had to get myself something to smoke it with, so I got a vapor dome, glass nail, and glass pick to dab.
    Took my first dab, far too large a hit, got pretty wrecked, but loved every moment. Not the best taste, but I didn't expect much from the way it looked. (the stuff is real dark).

    The dome looks nice and is pretty solidly constructed. There is one flaw, there are a few trapped bubbles and the glass is a bit rough by one of the joints The rest looks pretty clean. Not a big deal at all. The colors wont match my custom stuff, but I like it no less.

    Attached Files:

  19. Sweet grab. I like the work, clean lines.
    I heard QWISO isn't the best for dabbing, how well did that work?

  20. Totally fine. BHO would be easier to use, but it worked out alright none the less. Tried it again just now, but with my A/C and Tube (the first hit was huge and a bit harsh, probably more from the size than anything.) but this way brought out a lot more flavor, or at least covered up the bad flavors better. Much smoother too, first hit had me choking, second hit wasn't even a dry throat. I might be able to get a video up in the next few days. Should have a good bit more QWISO tomorrow too, once the second batch dries fully. First batch I was impatient and used a little bit of steam to heat and dry it faster, going to see if this one comes out better.

    Also, Anyone ever use an aeropress coffee maker for qwiso? Seems like it would be nice because you can filter pretty fast, so you have better control over how long its in the iso.

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