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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by stoner815, Jan 26, 2003.

  1. Hows my setup? Im using a 500 watt light with a fan, but I was wondering if anyone could identify these plants. I planted some assorted seeds.

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  2. #1 maybe indica

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  3. #2 plants picture was unable to upload
    but it is the plant in the front left.
  4. How far away is your HPS light? The distance between your plant's nodes, that's where the leaves branch off, seems kinda long for a 500W hps. If you don't have a problem with temp, try to keep the HPS as close as possible, the only thing that can hurt them is heat, so if it's too hot for your hand it's too hot for the plants. But try getting that light a bit closer, I had some White Widow seeds in a small cabinent with only a 70W HPS light, but after 2 weeks they were about 7 inches tall and already had 5 or 6 nodes I think.
  5. The light is about 2 feet away. My closet is small so I moved the light back for a decent picture. Plus if its any closer than 2 feet it will toast the plants, its very hot.
  6. more pics

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  7. pics

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  8. Well I could tell you had a lighting problem. Those are halogen work lamps. They put out tons of heat and not nearly as much light as a HID. You're better off using a bunch of flouros than that.
  9. I dont know man....... this is my first grow. I am pretty satistfied with the way things are going.The light is alot brighter than it seems in the picture.I mist pretty regularly. The biggest plants are about 3 weeks old and the rest are a little bit younger.Maybe the other lights for my #2 grow.Thanks for the tips and I did move the light a little closer if you can tell.
  10. The lamp was 9 bucks What is the price range for an HID?
  11. pick up some cheap flos you'll be better off
    you can use the halagen with them for heat but there're the wrong spectrum
  12. Halogens are a waste of money...

    Think of it like this your running a 400-500 watt halogen. Thats ALOT of electricity for the light you have.

    I can bet you that my 2 70 watt HPS lights will outproduce yours...

    Im not trying to be a dick im just trying to show you that 140 watts of electricty is more efficent then a halogen 500 watt light Ill post some pics when the buds are allittle bigger they are only little puffs right now but they are tightening up every day.

    Halogens can grow weed just not great. and for the money they cost to run and the risk of buring your house down when it catches fire. Halogens are not designed to run 24 hours a day. or even 18 hours a day. You are risking alot with that light. do yourself a favor and get yourself a 400 watt HPS light you will be really happy with the results. for the same electricty to be running. the best you will get from a halogen is a small plant full of shwag weed.

    Sorry to dis your grow but im trying to save you time and $$. yes the light will cost you but the rewards are worth the initial outcost.

    Grow on

  13. Here is the deal you can build a 400 watt light from an electrical supply store for less then 100 dollars you will have to get a reflector for it.

    Your going to be wasting about 10 dollars a month on that light growing CRAP weed. so IMO 100 dollars is well worth the the weed.

    BTW 10 dollars a month X10 months is the 100 dollars it costs to build the lamp.

    Youll see.


  14. Well you guys..... I just got back from Lowes and purchased 2 25 in. 33 watt HID lights.It looks nice in there.It is alot brighter in there.Thanks for the tips.Do yall think maybe thats too low of wattage?
  15. I was about to say I've never heard of a 500W wonder the stem looks so lengthy. Yea if you want something you can smoke on get an HID. If someone told you it was HPS then you got lied to.

    Uhhh I think you got flourescent lights.
  16. uugghhh maybe I did get floros. I knew I shouldnt of just went in there and grabbed it. Well is that an upgrade or should I continue to use the Big hot lamp? The light in there is great now.I almost need sunglasses.But still I am a little confused about HID,hps,and so on.Ill send a pic in a day or so. Thanks
  17. plants

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  18. now.... whats wrong w/ these lights.I mean it even said on the box (plant lights)

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  19. Those will do just fine for more than a few weeks.

    HID stands for High-Intensity Discharge. There are two forms of HID...MH (Metal Halide) and HPS (High Pressure Sodium). MH is good for the vegetative stage of the plant's life but HPS can be used throughout the entire life of the plant and is most beneficial for flowering.
  20. BTW when you do upgrade to an HPS make sure you use the dull side of the aluminum foil or else you could cause "hot spots" on the leaves.

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