My setup is finally all here!

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  1. EHLE 5mm + inline ashcatcher/diffuser + Aaron Vigil slide.

    I love it!

  2. damn dude, looks friggen beautiful. how much did all that run you if you don't mind me asking.
  3. Nice setup bro! Next u should get a lw 6arm diffy or a Alex k showerhead. Keep tokin! Lovin the slide
  4. Thanks!! The tube was $115, the slide was $55, and the inline was $55, so a total of $225.
    Couldn't be happier with it.

    lezblazeit . . . Nice call, I am totally planning on ordering an Alex K. showerhead! Maybe in a week or so. Then I think it will be complete and will be my daily smoking tool. Its my first GONG, and I wanted to go all out and get something really nice. Now I know what I've been missing the whole time!

  5. its beautiful :smoke: :eek: :smoke:
  6. The slide was definitely love at first sight . . . glass is illegal in my state unfortunately, so I had to buy online. Here are some pics of the exact slide (they don't mass produce them) from different angles.

  7. that setup is so legit!! lovin that slide!:wave:
  8. Thanks man! The site I got it from has tons of wicked slides . . . If I wanted to spend a little more they had some pretty crazy shit on there!

    Wish you guys could come over and burn some snaps with me!

  9. whats the name of the website that you bought this from?
  10. I guess I'm not sure of the rules with posting sites, but just google the text that's on the bottom of the slide pictures. They have some awesome stuff.
  11. looks like this lol:smoke:

    edit: that would be a good name, firefox for the slide.

  12. HA! Never though of that. Nice observation!!
  13. damm dude, looks real nice
  14. You know that a bong is going to get used a fair bit when it looks as awesome as that

  15. Thanks guys! I'm planning on cleaning it out once every two days at least (not always with iso and salt) as I am finally have a piece to take some real pride in.

    I didn't take care of my last bong as well as I should have (mad scientist style with removable perk = pain in the ass to clean) but I'm definitely gonna keep this baby sparkling.

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