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  1. Hey guys! just wanted to share my setup and see what you guys think?

    they were bag seeds, once i saw little sprouts I planted them in foxfarm ocean forest about a inch down. im watering them everyday to keep the soil moist, once i see them sprouted im going to back off the watering to every 3 days. i got 2 planted seeds each in red Dixie cups with 2 CFL's 23watt daylight bulbs on them 6,500k about 5 inches away(for each plant) 4 total CFL's. with only a intake fan for now and temps are holding just above 80F. peaking at 84F. i have a air purifier running in the room, but not blowing directly on the plants just in the room. I water them with room temp bottled water.

    My questions are am i watering good? and how long till they sprout im at 4 days since planted in soil. Good light? not enough?

    and in advance thanks I really appriciate the feedback!!

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  2. When you germinated them did you see the tap root come out of the seed before planting; also are you keeping it warm? Always remember seedlings love to be warm, and will not grow well if cold. Do not be afraid to lower the light all the way to about 1inch away from the rim of the cup until they sprout.
  3. Also when watering make sure that they are moist but not drenched. If the soil is still relatively wet before watering then you could probably wait.

  4. yeah its pretty warm im using water that i keep in the actual room with the plants so the water is room temp. and i saw the little greenish whiteish stem break the seed so when i saw that i planted it in foxfarm the rooms about high 70s to 83 at highest now i have a exhaust and intake fan now that i just installed so its going good i got the temps down a little. and sweet about how much to water ill back off a little thanks :)
  5. also for some reason my room got back up to 84 - 83 degrees is that too hot? i have a air purifiyer blowing IN from the bottom and a fan ONTOP blowing OUT.
  6. Dang ok? Like 30k poeple on not one can help? Lol

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