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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by mranderson, May 23, 2003.

  1. I have 9 plants in my cabinet. They have plenty of room to grow out, but they can only get about 28" high. Is this gonna be devastating to my yield? Also, how do I stop them from growing up and make them grow out? I just switched from incandescent and fluro to a 250 watt HPS (Thanks Pitt!!!). My babies are only 5 days old so I don't think the change in light will have any negative effects. What can I do about these damn bugs; they're small and fly around when I open up the cabinet.
    This is my first grow. I'm growing regs right now, just to see how they do before I start on some white widow or something. Using a 250 watt HPS with nothing else special (like no CO2 or anything), and taking good care of them, how much yield do you think I could get at harvest time?

  2. your yeild shoud be long as you keep topping your plants at the height that you want htem to stay you should be fine. Just rember that the lower branches wont get any light so you might want to try using a screen (chicken wire) to make a screen of green look up SCROG to see what I mean. I bet you get at least an OZ from each plant
  3. what do you mean by your just growin regs just toss out he males when you start 12/12 and you cna grow some mid grade seedless weed.

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