my set up for the winter

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by BoKilla420, Sep 12, 2003.

  1. This will be my first time growing indoors because of the winter but im not sure if its good. im trying to grow in my closet with very lil space so i'll only have one or two plants. I have a 200w lighgt with a big round metal reflector and a fan for circulation. Think this might work for one or two plants?
    And if so what would the results be like
  2. depends on what exacly that 200w it an hps or a mh, or do you not know?..........we'll need the the size of the growroom as well to be able to 3' x 3' x 6'......etc......Peace out......Sid

    ps read the guide under my sig, it'll help you out.......Peace out...........Sid

  3. I know its not an hps but i dont know what it is. It says marvel ont he top of the bulb then underneath 200w so i put it in that big reflector. The room is just one big rectangle going up with about 1 1/2 feet wide sqaure aroound so there is deffenately not that much room but one plant should be fine to me
  4. it may be an mh.....when you switch it on does it give off a blue light and then take a while to fully ignite the gas......?........Peace out......Sid

  5. No it doesnt do any of that, but i have this twirly light thats 26 watts and it takes like a half a sec to fully light up but i dont know if i should use that one or the 200 w. the 200w gives off a bit of heat but the twirly one is just bright which one is best?
  6. 26 watts isn't enough to do anything..and the 200w doesn't sound like a grow light

  7. Will it work for one measly plant though??????????????
  8. the twirly one is a compact fluro(cf) id say, thats ok to start the seed and veg it 4 a little while.

    the 200w is prob an incandesant, mv, halagon or someother cheap bulb that wont do 4 growing, the reason these lights aint no good is cus of the heat they give off, by the time u put them so far away that they dont burn the plant the light is to weak.

    put ur seed under the twerly1 and think about getting some betta lights real soon.
  9. I only have one 70w HPS and two 20" floro tubes that are each 33w and my 4 plants seem to be doing okay so far. I do plan to add another 100-150w of floros though. My space is a small closet, with a small fan, stays about 80ish in there. I only turn the fan on a few hours a day. One plant is a 15" brought in from outside, the other 3 are 4" clones doing great.

    200w floro's and a 70w hps enough for 4 plants to make it through winter with maybe one small harvest? Mostly i just want some mums to clone off in spring

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