my serial killer friend

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  1. which one is he? sry didnt look at article
  2. no offense bro but i took one look at that picture and i could tell that guy has some rocks loose up there in the ole mine shaft.

    i read the article too, pretty sad that somebody would resort to such violence over something so trivial as a woman. How did you know him?
  3. I knew this kid who killed someone our senior year of high school. It was kind of weird. It wasn't super bad in my opinion because the guy he killed had raped his sister (and admitted to it) so he stabbed him to death and put his body in a river. I can understand being angry but it was kind of extreme.
  4. Damn, that would be weird knowing someone who killed someone else.

  5. damn that shit's fucked up, but understandable

    Crosby #87 post, lets go Pens, Flyers suck
  6. wow, thats intense...I hope I don't end up having a serial killer fiend..thats fo-sho
  7. he was just part of this older group of friends i chilled with when i was in highschool. they were the ones driving the junk car into things in the woods, and having drunken fireworks fights, and whatnot.
  8. I know people who have killed people, there just like everyone else you wouldn't even know.
  9. well there's people you know who have killed people, and then there's your friend who went crazy and got wasted and killed his ex-girlfriend and her new boyfriend
  10. That's a little more understandable though. This guy just went nuts. And to the OP, you didn't think drunken fireworks fights might have been an indication he wasn't exactly "normal" in the head?
  11. thats fucking crazy!! id probably be tripping out about that for the rest of my life. sorry about your friend being locked up.
  12. yeh I got a homie who killed a cop down in miami a few months ago with an AK. When I was about 16 this kid I used to hang out with shot another kid in the chest and killed him, then claimed they were playing cowboys and indians. Then down in the Villages I knew one of 3 people who participated in a murder/robbery/kidnapping. So yeah.. I know some fucked up people eh?
  13. I would do the same.
  14. dude we're a bunch of rednecks. i mean we dont GITERDONE but yeah this is the south. fireworks + alcohol = fireworks fight. the guy just started this drinking binge and just obsessed over the girl. then he walked in like the terminator, shot his gf, shot her new boyfriend (his ex friend) and shot this other dude in the leg who was like HEY NO. i think he even turned himself in

  15. so tirval as a woman? Are you kidding me man my girlfriend is my #1 Priority.
  16. I have been having firework fights with friends since I was in middle school. What's so wrong with that?

    Boosh, was your homie that guy who shot up 3 cops?
  17. that totally justifies murder
  18. id be wayyyyy freaked out, but no way id snitcch thats not right, i thik i would try to reamin on good terms with him and slowly lose all contacts with him... i didnt read the article sry if im wayy off

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