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my seeds wont germinate!!!!

Discussion in 'Absolute Beginners' started by SD Sensi Grower, Mar 21, 2009.

  1. im gunna tell the whole story, and if anyone can help, that would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks
    ok, so i got 10 seeds from a guy. the seeds came in a medical bag and it had the strain (Big Cheese) and medical info and stuff. so i put the seeds between 2 laters or wet paper towel and then put it on a paper plate and covered it with another paper plate. I put the whole thing in my closet and covered it with a towel. The next day i checked them and the paper towel felt cold, so i thought it mite not be warm enough. i wrapped it in a heating pad, and like the paper towel got up to like 90 (Ooopps). it was only that warm for maybe 45 min. idk if this killed it. so i took that off and have it up near a heating vent where it doesnt get too hot at all (like 70 or so). but now its been close to 2 weeks and a couple seeds look a little bit cracked but its been like that for like 3 or 4 days and hasnt changed at all really. Ive opened it and checked it like every other day and washed my hands before opening it every time.

    idk whats going on or if i killed them of what.

    can anyone help????

  2. How does nature do it? Use paper towels?

    I know paper towels are one of the most popular methods...but why not putting them straight in to soil just like nature does?

    I don't know why your beans didn't germinate...maybe too cold...maybe you fried them...maybe they were just too old...or they were stored a wrong way or harvested too early or or or.......many (other) reasons possible.
  3. Yeah, unfortunatley I think these are not going to germ. Like leapfrog said, could be many things, too hot, too cold, maybe just not viable seeds. Next time, keep it simple. Doing a soil grow? Plant the seeds 1/4" under surface of the soil and give a light watering. If you like to have your hand in every process, you can work on a more hands-on method of germination later, after you have some experience.
  4. ok, well thank you.
    i think i am gunna leave them a little longer and see what happens. do you think it would be worth it to like just take them out of the paper towels right now and pop them in some soil?

    cuz the seeds seemed really legitamit. they were in like a medical cannabis bag and stuff.

    obviously this is my first time trying,

  5. It won't hurt, but I think they're done. Put them into a small cup of soil and keep it MOIST,not wet for another week. If nothing happens...I'm sorry for your loss. :(:(
  6. all right. i think ill try that tomorow.

    and like you said it sure isnt gunna hurt anything to try it.

    the worst part is i payed 30 bucks on them :(

    but thanks a lot man.
  7. Any time, good luck.
  8. seeds usually keep very well....here's the method i use that i have found to be successful (about 90% of seeds): i scarify the shells (put a piece of emeryboard in a matchbox with seeds and shake the box for about a minute) so it can absorb the water, i then place seeds in a cup of room temperature water (distilled water) for 24 hours, after 24hr soaking i plant those seeds that have germinated in jiffy pellets, the remainder of the seeds i place between a wet folded paper towel (white) on a plate ... covered by a second plate (to keep the seeds in dark), i place the plated seeds on a heating pad (if the there is thermostat setting control I usually set it to 76 degrees or i use a cheapo window thermometer on the top plate which allows me to keep it from getting to hot)...finally i use a spray bottle to mist the paper towel every few hours (typically the remainder of the seeds germinate within a twele hour span - at which time I plant into jiffy pellets).

    I suspect you have thrown the harmones out of balance in most of the seeds from the heat spike, but the if you see a white tip from the seeds that have cracked you should plant them otherwise the sprout will become stressed. you can try to scarify (the remainder of the seeds) and either paper towel them or whatever germinating method you want to use on them.

    hope this helped and hopefully you can get your seeds to pop.

    snax.4.daze (scooby style)

  9. Nice tip snax...scuffing your seeds is always a good idea.
  10. +1

    In a recent experiment... I took a dozen bag-seeds that passed the following tests...

    1. All seeds were dark in color
    2. They did not crack or break when squeezed

    Half of the seeds were scuffed (as above)... half were not...

    The final test was to take the scuffed and non-scuffed seeds, and soak each group of seeds in a glass of water to soften the seeds outer surface...

    Seeds that sank were retained... those that floated were discorded as not-viable...

    Of the seeds that remained (8 total)... there were five scuffed, and 3 non-scuffed...

    All of the scuffed seeds germinated... only one of the non-scuffed germinated...

    Maybe not the most scientific; however, it seems to indicate that scuffing DOES increase your germination success rate some...


  11. Right now, take your seed, fill a cup up with water, place the seeds in the water filled cup. If the seeds sink, you win, if they float, you lose.

    If they sink, put them in some damp soil right this moment, if they float, you should just trash them.

    -- white paper towel method is stupidly horrible.
  12. I would just throw them down in some soil now and see what happens.. i hope you didnt fry your seeds dude, that would straight up suck.

  13. ok, i think im gunan go try and do this. seems like a good idea.


    so next time what should i do with my seeds when i get them?
    (im a first time grower and just want to have a sucessfull plant, not too woried about potentcy)

    thanks again everyone.

  14. Soak them 24 hours in (preferably) distilled water. Then put them in soil. Don't use Jiffy's, some strains won't germinate due to the adverse PH a Jiffy causes.

  15. ive heard bad things about soaking seeds, but idk

    and also does it matter that ive already tried to do the paper towel thing?
  16. i just put the seeds in a glass of room temp water, and all but 1 of them sank.
    the one that didnt was really weak and crumbled.

    so now i have 8 seeds and im gunna put them in the soil.

    how deep should i plant them, and should the pointy end go up or down when i plant them?

    thank you soo much.
  17. wait i thought it says ur seeds wont germinate as ur title

    and from what ive heard from other growers, just make about a 1/2 inch hole in the middle and drop it in with the taproot down then cover it up with soil, and maybe put a ziploc bag around the top until it sprouts

    EDIT: wow im stoned, didnt see the first page lmao

  18. lol yea. but i tried to germ them with the paper towel thing and it didnt work so i did the flout in water test and all sank, which is good. and they said to just try and put them in some soil then.

    but idk whether the pointly end goes up or down in the soil.

    can anyone help?

  19. the white root is the tap root and should preferably face down....

    how long did it take for urs to sink?
  20. well there is no white root tip.

    liike if you read my original pst with the whole story.

    i tried to germ them with the white paper towel but its been like 2 weeks so someone told me to try and put them in some water and if the ysink then they might still be good. so i did that and all but 1 sank right away when i put them in the water. so someone else said to just go ahead and try to straight up put them in some soil.

    so there is no root tip stickin out or nothin. i am just putting a basic seed in the soil.

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