My Seeds Were Intercepted By Customs :(

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  1. So I've been waiting for a while, I ordered them from after the other international mail notified me of the passing to the USA, USPS did NOT update for a while... which kind of let me know that they had it =/
    I received the package today, With this green sticker around it saying it was examined by customs and border protection.
    and inside was a "MAIL INTERCEPTION NOTICE"
    Blacked out information for obvious reasons.
    Since I used the guaranteed shipping method, I'll go ahead and contact them so they can re-send them. However, Does customs keep a log of everything that goes through to specific addresses? Like if they were to intercept the next one, Would my address pop up if they enter it?
    I won't say what method they used even though it was caught, But I'm going to ask for another way to be tried... I'm sure they have multiple ways.

  2. They keep no logs as far as I know. Seen & had my own orders get thru on second run B4.
  3. u should try attitude my stuffs never got checked sent from them
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    With all the shit that has been revealed by the NSA leaker and the fact that all government agencies share info or have access to any info including other governments server data and other agencies server data and they can read your emails if they want. And with the current police state that America is evolving into hopefully you live in a legal state or decriminalized state or medical state. 
  5. tin foil hatish like speculation is unneeded.
    I guess you don't watch the news?
  7. oh I watch the news.. and its not like Verizon spying on the US citizenship was new news... been old news since Bush's first presidency.
    I'm just saying to keep your speculation out of this conversation.
    if you have no first hand knowledge of customs seizures see your uninformed ass out of here. thanks in advance.
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    Here you go unenlightened one:

    This one is directly from the horse's mouth about how government agencies share info:

    I'm well aware that a lot of you like to claim that all they do is just give you a pat on the butt and take your toys away from you. when in reality they are keeping records and any law enforcement agency has access to those records at the push of a button. Ignorance must be bliss.
  9. Just stick with nirvana seeds. Best out there, gets over here in 2 weeks flat, never had a problem, and even if theres a problem their customer support is the best ive seen... cant say the same about anywhere else.
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    what if you want a selection of seeds..or maybe some TG
    hey Mr paranoia,
    your lame ass grow isn't worth busting( neither is my big ass legal one).... not enough headlines or tax dollars in it. quit falling into the trap the US government wants you to fall into ...believing they're omnipotent.
    seriously if you're this on edge, tin foil hatted, looking for black NATO helicopters, bat shit crazy.... how in the fuck you gonna get over the stink and paranoia of a grow?
    EDIT: just watched the vids.... LMAO think the DoD gives a shit about canna seeds?!?!?!?!?!?!?
    man thats some funny shit
  11. ^ what do you mean? Nirvana has selections.. and i dont know what you mean by TG.
    You're the one who needs help here. Do you realise how narcissistic you are? I think it's funny how you keep referencing tweaker esque lingo. You must be taking way too many dabs. You might want to slow down a bit. The DoD collects the data for all U.S. government agencies, including the DEA. Who said anything about arresting anyone for seeds? Does it really make sense in your mind to arrest someone for a seed if they can get them for growing? Cops are over at my house at least once a month if not more. And I live in a medical state. Why would I be in fear of jail? My point is that people like you on these forums are not being honest about the logged info.
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    they could log info like that, they could not. there is no publication or information proving that customs directly monitors and logs where packages are sent to, what they contain, etc. would i put it past them? no. do we know for sure, though? also, no
    besides, it really depends on the customs officer inspecting the package. either they have a stick up their ass or they don't. it's kind of like the same thing with police officers; will they not care that you made an illegal left turn or will they pull you over? it depends on the cop.
    edit: there is no more need to derail this thread in the seed bank section with political mumbo jumbo
    to be safe, OP, get the next package sent to a different address.
    Damn guy, Settle down.  
    1.Look at the "Mail Interception Notice" it doesnt even mention cannabis seeds anywhere.  It says "Unknown seed."  This mean they are treating it as a USDA violation of importing unknown species into the US aka they didnt give a shit and threw it away.  IF there is a log, it will say the same thing.
    2.If you have any bit of common sense, you dont mail illegal seeds to the same address as your grow.
    3.Lay off the crack.  Why the fuck are the police at your house once a month?
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    not being honest? compared to you ? shit I'm a saint. helps not being bat shit crazy I suppose :huh:
    Narcissistic?(u own a dictionary? Use it)
    I live in a med state too .. even have 24 big ass plants in my back yard. Got the US Coast Guard flying over 2-3 times per day ( I live on the west side of 101), and the only time I've had a cop at my door was to return some stolen property. ....... even though I order a shit ton of seeds.
    so if you're gettign cops at your house each month.... may I suggest you have a look into your meth habit( or that of your friends who hang out with you a lot), not your seed orders
    now I'm just gonna ignore your nusto, please have a tin foil day good sir :wave:
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    Yeah I smoke crack like you.. Not.. It says 6 seeds for propagation and yes they do know what cannabis seed looks like and it's the reason they opened the package in the first place. Are you actually trying to say they are just doing a fruit and vegetable check? LoL WTF.. So lame.. Why did you even join in on  this conversation? You guys are nothing buy little kids that like to argue with people so go fuck off.. Neither of you have made any good points. You're just trolling my comments to argue with me. Bunch of teenagers. The OP asked if they keep logs and if hes legal like you and me than he has nothing to worry about. But he asked for a reason. And you fail at being honest with him because you're misinformed and you can't stand the fact that I'm right. I even provided video evidence to back my claim and you two buster ass clowns are doing nothing but causing drama.
  17. I would feel alright getting it resent since it's just a few seeds. Unless, I didn't like how the package was labeled, packaged, etc.
    If it was something more serious then it's common practice to not resend to the same address and clean house.
  18. Oh, I am legalized, Lol.. I was just wondering. But yeah, I got them resent to a friends house and they got here just fine :)
    They resent it without asking anything, Just asked me if I wanted it to the same address or a different one.
  19. Of course they would kept a log. As soon as they log your address next time it'll pop up for the same thing, 3rd or 4th time they'd test them then send the cops round.
  20. my seeds were ganked by customs i use attitude it was in chicago

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