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Discussion in 'Marijuana Seeds Banks' started by Cannibus69, May 15, 2003.

  1. still havent arrived after 2 weeks, i did an order via moneygram and it still hasnt came. Do you think it is because i live over seas and it has to go to new york then here? whatcha think?
  2. Well, the united states is cracking down severely on that, could have been intercepted, contact them to see.
  3. I read in another forum today that worldwide is a scam site.
  4. NO they arent man, i just got my seeds 4 days ago, they are good and seem to be ok and the means of shipping was so stealthy i couldnt find it. it was wedged in a piece of cardboard and i almost threw them away! so i repeat it is not a scam site and they were in Hightimes!!!!!!

  5. I am not claiming they are a scam site, I just said that I read in another forum that someone there claimed them to be a scam site sorry for the misinterpretation.

    Second, don't believe everything you read in HT. HT accepts ads from scam sites because they need all the advertising revenue they can to stay afloat.
  6. I order 10 seeds of fem XXXtra skunk from worldwideseeds for $124.99 and all they sent me was a flobby disc.

    I fucking hate worldwideseeds
  7. i ordered from wws recently and was also stuck with just a floppy disk...searched all over but no seeds to be found...disk was blank
  8. well guys, you have officially joined the "i'm an ignorant pot head club" First off WWS is no scam! All you guys that just got a floppy disk, i hope you didn't throw anything away, because everyone only gets a floppy disk, but its tapped to a piece of cardboard... the cardboard is a secret container...tear it open the seeds are in there... trust me. I have successfully ordered from the twice and it works.... NO SCAM AT ALL.. sometimes it takes them about a month to get them to you just stay on top of them with emails.
  9. Wow, Sucks for you guys, threw away your seeds...

    actually thats not funny at all.... I can just imagine paying 153$ and the realising that I threw away my expensive ass seeds..........

    I will smoke a blunt for you that just sucks.... :(
  11. Yeah i threw away seeds from one company, and then i ordered from worldwide seeds, some feminized skunk, and i threw those away too. Then i sent an email asking wth happened, and they explained that the seeds are in the carboard that comes with the cd.

    Then they sent me 10 seeds for free, even though they weren't femenized, got 6 females, and one has been going for almost 3 years now. Definately quality seeds from these guys.

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