My seedlings keeps being stunted

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  1. Hi, i'm a beginner but i already finished 2 grows with some beginner mistakes but i harvested and i was good for a first timer.

    I planted new seeds and after 2months they were stunted and woudn't go any further, i though it might be overwatering so i just gave up.
    1 and a half month ago i planted new ones and here it is again. The growth is stunted again.
    I plant in coco/perlite mix , i allways double check the PH, i gave after a month a minimal amount of nutrient and cal/mag.
    Is it maybe my tap water ? i know the EC is high (0.7) but i didn't have any problems in previous grows and the seeds are the same.
    I really dont know what to do now...
    Did someone had the same symptoms ? the bottoms leaves start to twist and begin getting darker and crisp up like on the pictures. And after those leaves are totally dead, the upper ones begins to get it.
    But since the growth is freaking slow, well the plants now looks like that, with 4-6 leaves...

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  2. Did u use hydroguard?
    No matter how long I've grown for, if I skimp out on the basics, I am susceptible to root zone infections which will kill/stunt any plant.
    Check Mick's thread here.
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  3. Oh wow right , hydroguard ( is it a root stimulator?) i totally forgot that's what i started my first grows and i don't have it anymore, that's actually the only thing that changed between those grows... I'm stupid ^-^

    Do you think these plants can recover ? and start over another batch on the side
  4. What sorta light you using mate? Theyre stretching a hell of a lot.
    Also, id say theyre root bound.
    Should be transplanting into a bigger pot after 10-14 days.

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  5. I'm starting with 100w T5's then 250-400w MH and to 600w HPS
    They're not stretched, they just lost all the leaves (like 3-4 times), i was going to transplant but they are sick since the beginning =/ . And the previous ones that were sick too, i did transplant them and nothing changed.
    I really think the root stimulator is the issue, it's the only variable that changed since.
  6. Hmm you checkin the ppm of what your feeding them? And what ph are you giving?

    Its easier starting them in rockwools like.
    Zero chance of
    root bounding,
    intollerable ph (as long as you clean them first),
    transplant shock
    or hot soil syndrome.
    Just feed water for 5 days. Then 100ppm nutes for 5-10 days. Theyll be rooted up like buggery by then so stick them into whatever media you want.
    The roots are much more established so they can tolerate a lot more bullshit from day 1.

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  7. Yeah , for the first weeks i am allways scared to overfeed and still trying to find the good spot but i find adding 50-100ppm every week worked great until of course i see any sign of overfeeding.
    Ph is allways 6.0

    I'll see, i'm going to buy the root stimulator tomorrow, transplant to a slightly bigger airpot and start some other seeds on the side in case they don't recover at all.
    Actually i just saw my roots and they are kind of shit, they don't have any hairs and are very thin. I'll see and post an update in the following weeks. Thanks guys
  8. U might wonna try and get some premixed soil that has things like warm casting,bat guano,kelp,bonemeal if u like the coco idea try fox farm coco loco I just got it to try out myself maybe water less coco stays wet longer try to not water/feed till almost completely dry pick up ur pot if its light then it's time if it's still Hevey leave it idk how old they are but I dont feel it a good idea to feed girls until atleast 2 weeks I feel a month is best water will be enough to get her ready and u realy wonna slowly introduced them like start with 1/8 strength and go up alittle at once the little one is less than a week old just put her in that today the big girl just got 12/12 lights thares np reason to rush nutes in nature u have 1 month sprout and 2 months veg then 8-12 weeks flower

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  9. I've also found my girls like 6.5
  10. See, this is why i grow hydro, can get them twice that size in 6 weeks veg. I couldnt wait that long for a smoke lol

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  11. Cant edit it in for some reason but this one was 7 weeks veg from seed, 2 weeks after the flip. Grown under cheap shitty blurples.
    Hydros much simpler and the growth rates are incompareable. Thats a 1.5m x1.5m tent. tapatalk_1533795055770.jpeg

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  12. Hydro Is not simpler u have no buffers u mess up on a feeding ur done for and if u have more than one then u lost everything u have to do more flushes to keep ur water fresh u have to worry about if ur pump get clogged by roots or something u have to add more air to the water if i had a 80inx80in i could have a monster to in 6 weeks in soil
  13. Sorry mate but thats absolute nonesense lol.
    I use nft, nutrient film technique.
    Plant grows in nothing but a rockwool and fresh air so no airpump in sight.
    I do use a little 2w one but its only to stop the roots growing too far up the res so they cant ever block the record pump.
    If you mess up a feed your not done for. You just empty it out and start again.
    You mess up a feed in soil and your flushing for days, rebalancing the media. Get all sorts of lingering problems.
    Mine are fixed instantly.
    The ph buffering thing is simple aswell. Too high or too low and all you do is add a couple drops of liquid to fix it.
    What do you need to do in soil to fix the ph?
    You dont ever need to flush anything. You just let the res run almost dry and clean it out.
    You also have complete control over what you feed them. No second guessing whats in the pot or whats causing problems.
    Just stick a probe in and see the exact ph and ppm of the contents.
    We can see exactly how much nutrients the plant is actually absorbing from the solution too so toxicities are pretty hard to come by. If you get a def problem you just add a couple drops of liquid.
    Basically anything that goes wrong can be instantly fxed by iether adding a couple drops of liquid or emptying out the res.
    If theres too much N, you just take it out.
    Not enough calcium you add a couple drops of calcium.
    Etc etc. Cant do that in soil man.
    Just set the res up properly and you can leave it alome for a week.
    Honestly man its so simple its unreal. People just think it sounds technical but its really just following numbers on sticks.
    Thats all we do.
    Number goes up you bring it down.
    Number goes down you bring ut up.
    Eesy peasy.

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  14. It amazes me how many people read when a grower is in coco, they advise the grower to let the soil dry out. I see this in multiple threads. I have never grown with a hydro method. I build my own soil and only use water my plants with mammoth p and fish sh!t and give an occasional topddressing. I wish my grow site was at home. Hydro and or coco, is more time consuming so I haven't given it a shot. But man, do I see a lot of monsters grown hydroponicaly.

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