My seedlings just stuck - minimal progress noted

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  1. Hi guys

    I planted 13 on past Sunday. Five days later, I have 6 seedlings that came out. Rest of them show no sign of anything. The ones that showed up have asolutley minimal growth.

    From all my research I gather that 5 days later, something is wrong. Not major stuff but something is missing. I am lost. Do not know what it is...

    I know I have to add some coco around the stem but they are so small, I do not want to kill them.
    Just dont know what I done wrong..

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  2. did you add drainage to those cups?

    you should have had more soil, but this can be easily solved... just cut the cups so more light can get to those seedlings...

    lower your light as close as you can, without burning them...

    report back
  3. Give us full info on your grow.
  4. Tihspeed -
    I added 5 holes on the bottom. The light is currently 2 inches away and they are not covered by the dome or anything right now.. Bababui to you...

    I added coco, mixed it with vitamin b and distilled water. But that time the roots in the paper towel were an inch long. Pleaced them all root down, covered with the dome. This all was done on Sunday. Today al I have is 5 seedlings that are frozen in time.
    I been adding some water to dry cups in the morning.
    The only thing I havent done is mesuring temp. I think it may have been too clold for them.. around 72 - 75

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