My seedlings are not standing up

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    My first seedlings and most of them are not standing. Not sure what to do. Rooters are moist. Have a heated covered nursery. Dome is fogged with drops of water condensed. Ambient air is 68. However the heater is keeping that area warmer I am sure. They have been in rooters for about 60 hours so far image.jpg
  2. Have you got enough light on them?
  3. I bet they will look better in 12-24 hours... give them some time
  4. agreed give them time.but also couple dont look like their very deep in soil..just a observation..but time they look ok..

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    Well, I placed the top of the seed 3/4" into the rooter. It's been 24 hours since I posted and they are in fact looking better. I think maybe I made them a little too wet and the light I put on them is now starting to dry things up a bit. Have a 300 watt cfl daylight bulb on them. Doesn't throw any heat and provides more than enough light.

    Just checked again and in the last two hours they stood right up. The taller ones are about to hit the lid. Now what? Didn't think I was gonna move them out of the nursery so fast. Maybe make a taller lid? I mean they are only 4 days old. I kept the light real close so they wouldn't stretch.
  6. I should also mention that there are 4 different strains growing there. The three in front are northern lights then two afgooey and a northern lights blue auto flower and then cotton candy all are feminized.

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  7. they don't look that tall how are they already hitting your lid? I bet you could probably leave the dome off now anyways as long as you keep your cubes moist.
  8. lid is 2.5" the tallest one is 3.5" already.  She is leaning to keep from topping out.  Humidity (or lack there of actually) is going to be an issue here if I remove lid since it is very dry here right now. thinking I might just top it with a clear glass bowl or something for a few days. After that I can move them into the room (much better control in there but 32 square foot room for 7 seedlings is a little large)

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