my seedlings are curling at the ends

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  1. I started some seedlings from some shake I bought (I know it’s a cardinal sin) and the leaves are curling at the ends for some reason. I have a great closet setup with a humidifier, led light, and humidity/temp tracker. Any tips on how to stop this?

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  2. How often and how much water are you using. Should be about a tablespoon rn at plants base only, every day to every other day. Looks like that sometimes when roots become waterlogged.
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  3. I spray around the stem of the plant in the morning (like 10-15 sprays) and spritz/mist them once a day usually towards the evening. I just transplanted them into some fox farms' ocean forest so I know the drainage is good. I also ph my water to 6.4 - 6.6 and boil it to remove the chlorine
  4. If you're spritzing while lights are on that can also be a issue. That can damage foliage. Those seedlings are also too small for transplant and too small for ocean forest. Ocean forest is made for established plants. Could be too hot for a plant that small also causing leaf and leaf tip issues.

    Usually want a well established root system in current pot before transplanting. Meaning roots taking up all or majority of current pot. For small starter pots takes 3wks to a month generally. No need to rush a transplant. Transplanting just adds food and gives more room for roots to grow. If the bottoms of plant aren't fading plant doesn't need more food. If roots aren't visible coming out of bottom while holding the entirety of soil used together theres still room to grow.
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  5. I see! Thanks for those tips. I’ll try not to spritz with the lights on and with the new seedling you see in that picture wait on transplanting.
  6. Those are autoflowers at 3 wks when I transplant them from small starter pots and only then because autos will transition around 4wks. If I started a photo in those same small pots id give it about a month. Generally I'll start photos in 2 gallon pots like what you transplanted into. Those can go 4-6wks that's a 4wk transplant photoperiod and how the root system should look at transplant

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    Yea I'd also stop spritzing and use a tablespoon or two at plants base letting it seep slowly pouring. You want water to seep into soil rather than remaining on the top few layers. When you're having to water 2ce a day start doubling amount given until small runoff then that's the amount you have to stick with whenever soils dry. In 2-3 weeks start watering around the plant more and more until soil is completely dry within 2 to 3 days. Won't have a weight off of a tablespoon but as water increases start picking up pot before and after watering to get a since if what a dry pot vs pot holding water feels like to prevent over watering

    Good for starting plants to use Happy frog. Happy frog also contains mycorrhizae. When transplanting use ocean forest on the bottom half to 3 quarters top quarter or half happy frog which will allow roots to grow into ocean forest.
  8. I always recommend mixing in 30% perlite to any FFOF grow add even more should you intend to feed nutes later

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    over 10 pages on ffof so you ain't the only one

    good luck
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