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  1. So I was a little bored today and decided I'd start building my seed starter system. It's not really a cloner, although it could be used for one, It's kinda cool...I think it is anyway. It's hooked up with 4 2ft T-5 bulbs in a rubbermaid storage box with this dinky little fan I threw in there. I have rapid rooter plugs to start the lil bitches. By the way does anybody have a preferred method of storing the unused plugs. I talked to the guy at my local hydro store, he said just put them in a zip lock in a dark place. Anybody do anything different? Anyway here's some pics of the setup.

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  2. I added in some emergency blanket material...whatever they call it. I don't know how reflective it will be but if doesn't work out I have extra mylar from my closet. Anyway here's some more pics...let me know what ya think.

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