My seed sprouted and shell is on what do i do

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by zigzag1331, Nov 26, 2011.

  1. So my other seed just sprouted and the shell is still on along with the membrane. Should i leave it on or take it off because last time i left it on twice both plants died
  2. I would normally leave it on. But if your having bad luck with that just take it off, it shouldnt be a problem for your plant. I always scrape dirt and shit off of my babies but i've never had a shell stay on it so I dont really know
  3. Damping off more likely killed your seedlings, not the shell being on! (They get a "pinched-looking" area on the stem, and fall over and die. Cure is to before using it, nuke your soil until it is steaming hot to kill the fungus. Let cool and use.)

    The shells fall off all on their own 99% of the time! Watering causes the cotyledons (seed leaves) to swell and the shell loses its grip! Nature has been growing plants since before there were dinosaurs. Plants know how to grow!
  4. agreed, just leave it alone, it will fall off on its own. no need to stress the plant at all
  5. Alright thanks guys. appreciate it :D

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