My seed just poped up from soil today need HELP!

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by hawaiiangod420, Oct 25, 2002.

  1. My seed just poped out of soil need HELP!

    My seed just poped up out or the soil today.So i wanted to

    know what else do i need to do? I already have my flo's 2"

    from the plant.So is there anything elses i need to do at this

    point?Or maybe not need to do but its a good idea?
  2. alright man, don't panic. what kind of flouros do you have on it? Is there anything that you're needing to know? cause its kind of a broad question to ask (sorry). make sure you have it on at least 18/6, but i suggest 24/0 cause the plant grows quicker and stronger. if you got any questions in particular, then just ask away. Good Luck, i'll smoke a bowl for your plant and hope you get better luck than i did. peace out.

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  3. Well i been reading the FAQ's at and it has helped me a lot but now i just ran into another prob today!

    My baby is in a 6" pot and the rot is comeing out the bottom of the pot! (just a little) And the soil is not dry enough to transplant it into a bigger pot yet! what should i do! HELP

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