My seed is not growing?

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  1. ive just set up a micro hydro with cfl lights, reflector sheets bla bla the lot.

    im using a small sized pot (just bigger then small) and i have germinated my seed aswell. when the root came out i put it in my pot just 10 cm inside root down first. im using compost to grow.

    its been 2 days and i see no roots growing, i checked on my seed and its still the same.

    note this is my first grow:p so i guess ill get stuff wrong but would like some advice!

    is this normal? should i let it grow or is my seed dead?

    btw im growing Lowryder 2 seed.
  2. anyone????

    i really need some help here! im a mufa effing noob at this!
  3. When i germinated my easy bud seed on damp tissue, it took about 4-5 days to see any sign of cracking, and a further 3 days for a decent sized tap root.

    Give it time, most seeds germinate within the first 3 days, but can sometimes take up to 11 days.

    Wait the 11 days and if nothing has happened come back.
  4. my seed is germinated already, it crackd and the root came out but ive put it in soil 2 days ago and still no sigh of any roots etc.
  5. Im having a similar issue. I have two different ways I am trying. I figured that Id try more than one way in hopes to learn something.

    1) I put seeds in a damp paper towel and placed a heating pad under it. I got a few seeds to crack open and get their starter root going. then I placed a few in wet floral foam after it had been rinsed and soaked pretty well in an attempt to clear anything that might have been an issue. then placed it in a ziplock bag under a light to attempt to get the humidity level up there.

    2) I put seeds in a damp paper towel and placed a heating pad under it. I got a few seeds to crack open and get their starter root going. then I placed a few in rockwool (pretty hard to find in cleveland). then placed it in a ziplock bag under a light to attempt to get the humidity level up there.

    I have had version 1 in the zip lock bag 4.5 days and version 2 in the zip lock bag for 3.5.

    It looks like not much is happening. I was hoping to have some find of proof by now that Im doing SOMETHING right.

    Also, even though I have the bags cracked open for air ..... it has a weird smell. not sure what though. I dont see any kind of mold or grossness growing.

    gah!!! I am going to keep trying!!
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    I always pop mine in a ziplock bag with a damp paper towel underneath em..usually takes about 2-3 days to pop and get a 1/4 taproot which point they go in soil/coco and another day or 2 and they pop up. make sure you're keeping them humid and temps aren't too cold...I try to shoot for 70-80 degrees for sprouting.

    I'm gonna assume that was a typo? 10 cm is way too deep.. about 1 cm or 1/2 inch is the right depth.

    ...also seeds are super delicate after they've cracked....the more you handle them the less chance they have.
  7. Give it some time to grow. They dont just come jumping out of the soil saying "Here I am!" It normally takes a couple days.
    Although 10 cm down might be too far (I'm not that familiar with metric). I barely cover mine with soil. Maybe a finger tip deep if that.
  8. yup 10cm was a typo lol, i just put it under abit around a cm or 2... ive put it in a jiffy pot. my seed has no shell just the roots.
  9. when germing seeds i usually let them get a tap root going then put them in soil and wait, usually takes imbetween 5 and 7 days from germ to breaking soil
  10. im a complete noob at this asking millions of questions! but who better to ask then my fellow smokers?

    im just abit paranoid that my seed shells came of when I moved my seed in the pot. i guess i gutta wait abit longer to see if it starts growing.

    and also can i use compost (multipurpose) to grow? or should i mix ?
  11. for starting off i'd go with some MG soil, i know it's not the best but until you get your method down and see what you like to use best until you want to mix your own, thats what i ended up doing, now i have my grow tuned to where i get fast growth in short amounts of time, and yes some times waiting is a bitch but when you finally see your plant break soil it will be way worth it
  12. How do you know it has no shell? Did you take the shell off? When I germ mine they usually hold onto the shell till they pop through the soil. The last one I germed held it for a few days after breaking through.

  13. im not sure if i took the shell of or it came of on its own when i was transferring the seed into a smaller pot. but im just going to wait 2 more days and see for any sign of life however right now the little sprout is still the same as it was when germinated just the shell is off.
  14. ok man iv had the same prob did all the exact same things as you and this is mah storey :)
    as you did i was worried about my seeds and dug em up to see if they still were alive and found that hadnt grown( and as i did this the shells came off to my disbeleif), i was stumped, but being the stubborn person i am i continued doing what i was doing and it did in the end grow. it was stunted slightly at 1st thought, looked wirey and such but became my strongest plant iv ever had. so just have patients, and the soil shouldnt be WET it should be damp. keep your humidity high and when it gets to like 5-10 cm get a small fan or use a large one if you must and put it further back, but simulate wind it will strengthen stems. get a spray bottle and mist it with just water 1-3 times dailey depending on how dry it is there. and you should be good, but for now. just wait my friend.
  15. 10cm? 0.5cm is a good depth.
  16. never touch the shell. the plant is supposed toshed that itself. never mess with that part of nature. only when the plant is established, should you mess with it

  17. hah, if only i read your comment before i disposed of my seed!

    only why i did that is because it was ripped so no way would it of grown. i bought new seeds ak48 which im germinating atm, hopefully all goes well..

    thanks for the reply
  18. Lol how do you not kno if you took the shell off? If you took the shell off you took the shell of simple as that

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