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  1. i wanted to tell all of the grasscity community about my secret room i will post pics soon and give you tube link for a vid but i need to get my camcorder back until the i thought i would just kinda describe it so you can wait in anticipation its nice its 4.5 ft by 8.5 ft so nice size for a small grow about 8 flowering plants well what i did was my room has panaling on the walls so i pulled the panaling off the back wall the framed in a second wall and replaced the panaling and the trim and you cant even tell that there is a room behind the wall there is no light passing through and i replaced the paneling perfect it seriously looks like a wall the i cut a small door it the middle of the wall and i put a poster over it so you cant see the door and the door is nice too it locks from the inside so even if someone were to look behind the poster the door would look like just another piece of paneling then when you get in to your right i built a seeled of room using white and black plastic mylar and thats my flowering room like i said 8 mature plants in there i have a 400w hps 2 fans and a squirell cage fan for air and im using hydro what ive done is i use these 3.5 gallon buckets with lid and i put the plants in there with 2gal of water and an air stone and the roots just sit in the water all day every day with a constant air feed from the airstone so no water pump needed in the flowering room i just got a industral air pump that can power 12 air stones i use eight and to your left of the secret door is the veg room its quite a bit smaller than the flowering room because i had to also make room for storage and the clones are smaller anyway in the veg room i got 2 rubbermaid buckets and ive put 4 holes on the top of each one and i run two air stones into the bottem with a water pump that freeds the smaller root systems of the clones by the way im growing heavy duty fruity, canna sutra, and hash plant with general hydroponics 3 plus flora with gh blast off and gh floraliciuos plus so what i do is when in my veg room my plants are large enough to clone i pull a clone from each one and then put them into the flowering room and let the baby clones grow in the veg room and repeat every harvest questions comments welcome pics and youtube vid soon a youtube vid is on now of my old grow room the video is called 'HUGE INDOOR SATIVA" WATCH IT AND COMMENT
  2. I cant wait for the vid of your new one.
  3. i might be high right now but that seems awsome
  4. that sounds great. looking forward to pics and vid

    next time if you have a lot to say you should break it up into paragraphs, that was a big wall of text
  5. That's fucking tight! Ill make sure to check out the pics later.

  6. have you grown this before? I did last year and it looks nothing like advertised lol. heavy-leafy duty fruity should be called! I had a pack of 5, 4 male and one fem, the smoke is real strange too... fruity but not like any fruit you eat haha. super super super hairy and chocolate coloured!

    good luck
  7. well its not much of a secret now, is it?
  8. It's been 2 years! Where are the pics!?!?
  9. longest sentence ever written

  10. Fixed.
  11. uh, you put a paragraph break in the middle of a sentence, but okay, great destroyer of the dreaded text walls
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  14. its not a secret anymore.
  15. those black things are censor bars, because my old avatar was uncensored cartoon dicks and apparently that's against the rules
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