My second time growing

Discussion in 'Marijuana Grow Journals' started by seeofgreen, Sep 24, 2003.

  1. This is my sec. time growing this is a pick of some
    NL#5/skunk that i just cut.
    Man i wished you were here to smell it.

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  2. And this is some SKUNK BUD that needs about 3 week befor i cut it.
    Talk about a great smelling plant.

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  3. I plan on it,i just trimed it once and need to cut a second time then i will sho it.
  4. this is the top bud all trimed from first plant pick i posted

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  5. My other two plants are still buddin and will have some final picks befor and after i trim them
  6. Nice whats your setup and how many plants do you have going...

  7. this time around i had 3 plants
    The light is a 400W setup
    the room is 4x4x8 well it will be when i finish
    these plants are in a cheep setup i rig up for now
    ill show you a pick
  8. much interested in finding out how much your yield (when it dries of course:)) and how long you vegd for etc...
  9. This is the last 2 plants growing
    on the right is skunk bud
    and on the left is NL/skunk bud

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  10. did you finish drying and shit and weigh your bud?

  11. Yes i did weigh it,the first plant pick i showed came out to weigh 3/4 of a oz.
    Im having my first smoke of it right now and man is it killer.

    my other 2 plants are still flowering needs about three more weeks till i chop them.
    Ill get about the plant on the left and about 1 1/2or 2 oz off the plant on right.

    Man this smoke is killer,i loving every min of it.

  12. I may grow the same thing, it came out good and smells so sweet.
    But ya never know,i have so many bags of dif. seeds its hard to

    But this time im going to post and show picks of my grow room and on the size and what i used to build the room.
    plus show my new plants every step of the way.

    Its so hard to get a move on when this herb is so good...
  13. why not paint th room white or mylar?

  14. As soon as i build the new room it will be mylar for sure.
    that pic i showed was just for now.
  15. great healthy looking plants

  16. thanks alot people for your kind words.
  17. I just choped my last 2 plants the other day and will have some pics maby wednesday night.
    I trimed them only 1 time,they need a 2nd cut after that the pics will come if i ever get a move
  18. yea i always like to see the weed when ready to smoke

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