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  1. This is my second grow ever and my first time using seeds that I purchased. In the picture it is at 42 days and about another 30 left to go before she should be ready. It is the easyrider strain and is doing very nice thus far.

    Does anyone know if I can cut the fan leaves off of it to get better light to the bud areas? I only have a small closet grow with one hps and a couple of fluorescents.

    Any help is appreciated.

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  2. Looks really healthy. What starin is it? Dont cut fan leaves they are what gets nutes to the buds.

  3. lowrider #2 x AK47 is the strain. I've pretty much figured I'll just need to get more light to get it where it needs to be.

    Yes it is a very healthy plant and it has been from day one.

  4. Is It an auto flowering Strain :? Looking good man should fatten up in a few weeks , What Size container do you ( Litres ) ?

  5. Yes it is an auto flowering strain. The container is 1 gallon or about 3 3/4 liters

  6. Nice... I just got some auto flowering strains - growing 1 x speedy Gonzales now ( seedling )

    If your confident with transplanting, I'd Put that plant In a 5- 6 litre container / pot ...

    I'm pretty sure you will get more from the plant , It will take It a day Or 2 at the max to recover & settle Into Its new pot But when It know It's root can grow ( get more air ( Co2 )

    It's up to you , But I would go for It ( I suppose Your quite into flowering so I'd do abit of research on Transplanting during flowering ) But I'm sure 'she' will benefit from a bigger pot

    Keep posting some pic's man I'd like to see your harvest In 3-4 weeks did you say ???

  7. It is a dwarf strain so the yield on it won't be that large regardless. It is my first time with this particular strain so I don't want to do anything to upset the process at this point. It should be ready to harvest in 3-4 weeks so I will do my best to post pics in the coming weeks.
  8. Yh thats fair enough man , Good Luck

    Maybe you'll think about a bigger pot on your next plant ... The seed bank I buy my'n from say a 5 litre container / pot Is best for maximum yields If you have hps you can harvest up to 45 g : o
  9. Just wanted to throw an updated photo of the progress. She is still looking good and filling out. Looks like its gonna be one nice big long cola. 3 weeks or so left

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    Just another update. I got about 1 1/2 weeks left so she should be coming down around that time maybe later if I don't like what I seen next Friday. I think she looks very well and trichomes are going nuts. Also, I have been leeching the nutes out for the last few days so all in all it will be about two weeks of just water.

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  11. Should be ready to be chopped by this weekend. Cant wait to get this thing dried and cured and in a nice new glass pipe! I tried uploading more pics but the uploader was acting funny and wouldnt let me.

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  12. Well doesn't quite look like it will be coming down this weekend. Not enough red hairs and trichs need to change a little more, who knows it may surprise me.

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  13. Looking even better man.:hello:
  14. Looks good bro! I'm growing lowryder#2 as well! How's the smell? Can you post info and pics of your light set up?
  15. Also, don't transplant this late into flowering, it will totally fuck up your progress.
  16. I am having issues with my second plant i started. it is three weeks behind the one i have been posting. it has yellow spots forming on all of the leaves. not sure what is happening to it as i have done exactly the same with it as i have the first one. any info would be greatly appreciated. attached some pics that i hope helps. i planted this one the 3rd of january.

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    honestly my set up is as simple as it gets. i am using a 70w hps i picked up from lowes (i snapped the lens off of it) and a dual 2' daylight flourescent with 65k bulbs. really thats it i am using an old shoe rack to support the lights and it all just sits in the closet. i also have an 8" fan that runs constantly but that really is all to my setup.

    i am growing easyrider. the mix of lowrider #2 and ak47 auto. the smell honestly is very minimal but does get stronger in the last couple of weeks during flower when all the good stuff is coming out and crystalizing.
  18. well doesnt look like im getting much help with this. so i took time to go through all my water and nutes and rechecking my ph in them. turns out my ph was too low, i hope that is the only issue and i also hope it is not too late or that i didnt harm the growth of the plant.

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