My second grow - Northern Lights (nirvana)

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  1. DAY 1


    Today, I begin my second grow ! I decided to start my second grow just a tad earlier than originally planned. I just ordered seeds 5 days ago, and they arrived today (that was extremely fast, I was surprised when I saw the envelope in the mail today), so I decided to begin germination tonight.

    I was originally going to get feminized seeds for my second grow, something I pointed out a couple of times in my first grow journal, but a lot of the places I checked online now seemed to be sold out or very expensive, so I just opted for the cheap option for my second grow and I ordered 10 Northern Lights seeds. I know from before that Northern Lights is a good indoor seed. One of the plants from my first grow was Northern Lights, but I had to terminate it because it had balls. Northern Lights is a good fit for a cabinet such as mine, which doesn't have a lot of vertical height. I'm using the same set up which I had from the first grow.

    I've taken four seeds and placed them in a cup filled with water. I plan to move them to soil in a day or two, if everything goes as it should. The PH of the water is at 6.5, which is good, and the room temperature is in the seventies-eighties (fahrenheit, obviously). I'll be using CFLs to light the plants during the veg stage and then I'll add a small HPS when I switch to 12/12. Two-Three females is what I'm hoping to end up with. That's about the right amount for my small grow cabinet.

    10 Northern Lights seeds from Nirvana

    4 seeds floating around in a cup of water
  2. Found ya :D Looking forward to this grow too, mate.
  3. hey. looks like it will be a good couple months for you. i was wondering if you ordered those seeds to be shipped to the U.S. i am in the U.S. and was thinking about getting some seeds from nirvanna.
  4. good luck man...from what i've been reading NL does stretch a bit so I hope it ends up working out alright for you. Keep up dating with pics!
  5. good luck. are you growing in soil or a hydroponic setup?

  6. Thanks ! I plan on using the same technique that I used for my first grow to keep the height in check, string bondage, aka LST. If everything goes as planned, then I guess it'll end up looking like this, which is the female bagseed plant from my first grow.


  7. Good to see you here ! Hopefully I'll have some budporn pix in a few months or so.


  8. Yeah, it'll be a quick minute before it's done, probably about 12-13 weeks from now I estimate.

    And yeah I'm in the US, and those seeds arrived super fast.
  9. Thanks ! I'm growing in soil, the same set up as my first grow.
  10. DAY 5

    Seedling stage

    On day two I moved the seeds from the water cup and placed them in soil. They started popping through the soil on the following day (day three). Three out of four made it, and this is what they look like so far. I'll be transplanting them soon into slightly larger pots.

  11. i'm like a few days behind you growing belladonna. i'm gonna keep an eye on this and grow with you, i like how u lst on that pic.
  12. Looking good man. Same wicked pics as usual. I'll be standing by.

  13. Thanks ! I'm just a newbie grower, but I'd never heard of that strain before, doesn't a porn star have that name ? lol

    Good luck on your grow.


  14. Thanks man !

  15. DAY 7

    I'm using the same setup and equipment that I had for my first grow, but I'm trying to make small improvements here and there if possible. I just made a ghetto reflector yesterday for the CFLS and it seems to be working out pretty good. I just used a cardbox box that I had lying around, lined the bottom with aluminum tape and then I attached a few strings to it.

    I know that people say that aluminum foil is bad to use, but the tape at least doesn't have any creases in it like the foil does, so I think it'll work out pretty good. And the price can't be beat, it cost me nothing. Often on CFLS grows I can see a lot of light power just being wasted, either by not using reflectors or by hanging the bulbs the wrong way. I don't want to be one of those people. I don't have a tremendous amount of light power from the CFLS I'm using, so I'm trying to make every lumen count, lol.

    Also, this second grow will be a good test for how good my cabinet and the plants can cope with the heat, because it's in the 90's here right now, and there's not much that I can do (without installing an AC by the grow cabinet etc.) to keep the temps down in the cabinet. As long as the temps don't creep above 100, I think it should be ok. Temps should be cooling off slightly in a month or so I hope, just in time for flowering.

    Here's a few pix of the cabinet and setup that I'm using at the moment for the seedlings.

    Three CFLS lighting some seedlings
    The Ghetto reflector I made, I'm tilting it slightly in this pic, so that the bottom is visible
    An overall view of the grow cabinet

  16. looks good, im currently growing NL from nirvana as well... good luck , ill be subscribing
  17. box ; gotta love it!:hello:
  18. Thanks ! Your grow looks really good too ! You achieved a very impressive ratio of females VS males in your grow. If I'm as fortunate as you were, then I will end up with too many females for my space and I'll have to end up trashing one or two of them. I'd rather grow a couple of big ones as opposed to more smaller ones, because of my space limitations. I germinated two more seeds, and I have a total of 5 seedlings at the moment.

  19. I had them lying around the apartment after I had ordered some stuff online, so I figured I might as well find a use for them. At least marijuana is a natural drug, as opposed to all of the man made, chemical crap which is fully legal and often dangerous, which greedy drug companies (pushers and drug dealers) try to push on people.

  20. DAY 9

    It's pretty hot inside the grow cabinet now (95 degrees). I hope this doesn't hamper the growth of the plants too much, but there really isn't much that I can do about it at the moment I think.

    The plant that germed first is showing it's second set of real leaves, here's a couple of pix of it. The other four seedlings are coming along. The lights are still on 24/0 for the moment.

    Northern Lights - Day nine since seed dropped into cup of water

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