My Second Grow at 5 weeks

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  1. Hey All,
    I'm posting progress on my second grow after 5 weeks.
    I moved 4 plants into my small tent on March 23. The question and problem I had was how to go from a seed started in a rock wool cube to a 5-Gallon DWC with a 10" net pot and Hygroton.
    1 Plant Suffered "Pinching off" at the stem, continued to look good, I isolated her, but she withered off and died on me. (Against advise) I took 3 small clones off her before trashing her.

    The 3 remaining Gal's I have been topping, Supercropping the stems (To the best of my understanding) as well as "Tying them down" Pictured a Kind-of L.S.T. topping / super cropping jumbled mess.....

    after 5 weeks, I pulled off a few clones from the gals in the tent, I also added an aquarium CO2 generator, which I refresh weekly.
    IMHO it doesn't add much, especially with the Carbon filter and the ventilation. But I figure whatever help these plants can get is worth a try.
    here are some pictures thus far......
    2-All Tied Down.jpg 3- BENt Over.jpg 4- Stressed.jpg 5-Another Girl.jpg 6-The runt.jpg 8-Night Nurse Topped.jpg
    a Great many thanks to this who have helped me along the way here. So far the best advice was simply NEVER GIVE UP on the GROW!
    8-Night Nurse Topped.jpg 7- Stressed.jpg 9-FishSupplies.jpg 10-Overview.jpg

    One more week and Im going to start 12/12 HPS Flowering......

    Thanks for looking

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