My second grow, 4 drawer stealth dresser budget build/grow

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    Helllo Grasscity! I have been a long time lingerer. Always resorted to GC for my questions and anything about the herb. So I decided to do a grow, and I am sort of a very lazy person. Mostly because of school,work, insomnia. And I was cleaning my room, and got the idea to use one of the two dressers I got. The one im using for the build, (really cheap shit) was broken and wasnt working out as a dresser, so I figured I reporpose it... Well here I am now. *Note this has to be stealthy, light wise, smell wise, and noise wise. I am pretty familar with the growing scene, and have a decent amount of knowledge under my belt. Well  anyways, (sorry lingered off, start this after "I am a sort of a very lazy person." So I figured that if I made a thread about it, to get more help and to show others what you can do on a budget. And since im on the computer alot, ill be on here alot. Well I will get pics up soon of what I have done but for right now, I have a black dresser 4-drawer. unknown demensions, I will get them soon. I gutted it, and I screwed all the drawers shut with parts of the cheap board that makes the bottom of one of the drawers, and I used the guide rails to support it all, make it more sturdy and its light proof between each drawer face. I tried to use regular door hindges, and tried it, but it didnt work out. To much profile, door wont close right cause the bolt in the hindge is giving it extra length, so whenever I have money and time, I plan on going to walmart/home depot/ etc and getting hidden hindges, any prefferences? I dont want ones that you gotta drill and shit, just screw them on and your good to go. I also plan on getting those drawer magnetic locks that have a magnet key to lock it just incase. Does anyone know if those are at a local store? hardware? And I am also going to do a passive intake (theres a weird bend on the bottom back of the dresser, PERFECT discreet intake/outtake. *Pics SOON. and I want to make a staples pencil cup A. carbon filter, (for the outtake of course) and also a ducting fan. (want to run the exhaust threw duct. but I am worried about the noise from the fan, suggestions?) and I will probably do mylar for the walls. I want to LST/supercrop maybe. I DEFFINATLY wanna use ona bucket(s). I hope many people see this thread so I can get alot of help, thank you grasscity, toke on :)

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    I have done dresser grows in the past so if you have questions I can possibly help
    stealth however has never been a problem for me so the filters and such I am no help with
  3. Im gurrently doing a larger grow lets say, check my thread in my sig.....
    But once this comes tio the end im 100% gonna build my own grow box/ chest of draws/cupboard and do a small 1/2 plant grow, get a pic up of what your doing it in if ya can man
  4. Okay! Update. I got a PSU for the fans and whatnot, and im going to bring the dresser to a buddies house, so no more need for stealth!
  5. Okay, I will go to you if I need any which I am sure me and my buddy will! Stay tuned, its going slow right now since im just sketching up ideas for vent., lighting, etc. But itll start to pick up!
  6. as soon as you get some pics and those dimensions of that bad mammajamma'.....i can definitely help you out ........meanwhile....check out my thread titled (ARE YOU THE MASTER OF THE MICRO....) i currently have three stealth dresser cabs now  all full of flowering ladies........then hit meh' up :metal:
  7. It wont let me upload the pics. I copy the picture from my email, then post it in here (just pasting, and using the "image" button and pasting the url.) Nothing has worked
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    Heres the drawer face door
    heres the back of it
    heres the inside. I put the flimsy back back on to be taken to my friends house
    Heres where the door hinge screws went threw the door. I know I fucked up aha

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  9. lol....looks like my first attempt on making my door for my 1st dresser build.....hehe :D .....other than that looks like a good sized cab ;)
  10. Lol thats funny. Yeah, i make alot of things, and I always get to anxious to finish it, you know what I mean? so then shit like the holes from the door hinge happen, but im doing good with this box. I really need to go out and get some stuff to finish it. Too bad they cut my hours at work :/
  11. i'ts all good bruh'.....patience is the key to a good run trust me some blade's get anxious  and wind up ruining' there hard work in the end....i have faith in this dresser cab ....and so do you ...keep me posted on updates :metal:
  12. I shall keep you posted! yes youre right. I usually do end up fucking things up, so im going to take my time. My friend and I are gonna build it together. Well he is helping me with the money situation and taking care of them, and in return hes getting half of the finished product. Tell me if this sounds good. I was going to put a main exhaust consisting of 6" ducting, with a duct fan at the end, and a passive intake also with multiple clip on fans on the plant and light. Oh, the lights! forgot to update. I plan on using 1 or 2 sun system 150w HPS. Should I use one for vegging, then both for flower? or should I use one plus some CLFs, then both of the sunsystems for flower? Any good lights you can recommend that are affordable?
  13. i would start them out under the mh' bulb of some 6500k cfl's then when you flip you can run the hps  but  be careful they can get hot as a mofo' so be sure to get your exhaust  situation handled or you'll defenitely run into problems with heat issues.....what's the cfm on the fan.......i'm thinking an inline fan to help push it through the ducting going to the exhaust.....and wally world has bulbs and single bulb  reflector with a clamp thingy' on it pretty cheap ....start out with six 26 watt 6500k should range 1750 or 1600 lumens ....maybe try to look-up diy cfl light fixture with reflector :metal:

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