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  1. hey! take a peek at my white widow clones :wave:

  2. very pretty kind of makes me bitter that my two indoor ww were male but the one NL #5 and the BB I kept inside are female and I am cloning the outdoor widows
  3. that looks really nice.
    just wondering, the plant in the very back of the first picture with the "V" buds,
    how tall is it? it looks really small but packed full of dense bud.
    well done with the grow.
    only reason i ask is i've started flowering and i want to keep my plant under 12 inches
    but get a decent yield like the ones in the back look like they have.
  4. lookin good
  5. thx guys. well i'm experimenting with veg time still but basically once the clones have gained enough roots i switch to flowering. depending on the strain they might be more or less than 12"





  7. looks tasty man, nice cola!
    be safe and happy growing.

  8. beautiful
  9. is that scale on grams? holy fuckin shit thats a heavy cola very VERY nice..

    P.S. your pots are hella small you should prob upgrade to larger pots

  10. 20g isn't that much for a moist cola.
    nice grow, but i dont see a sog?

  11. have you harvested the top widows yet? my ww's are looking the same now as your tops do with 70% brow much longer are you waiting?
  12. thank you all for the comments :hello:
    rigormortis: keeping pots small is part of the plan
    Mattplusness: i know i know but that's good enough for me and my modest 250w
    what is sog then? isn't it having very little to no veg time? guess not. well this is MY sea of green and it looks like this :)
    blitzedonesic: i don't know what you mean by top ww? i've harvested a couple plants and things are looking slightly different. i don't look at a calendar that much so basically i don't care about time. i harvest when i think they're ready. also have a couple clones from an unknown freebie (either sam the skunkman, skunk#1 or african durban poison) and sometimes i feel this shit is better than the ww :smoking:

    what nutes will you recommend to me - earth juice, fox farm or gh flora?
    do you think going organic makes a difference?

  13. Looks nice.
  14. thanks noober
    bump for the nute question!
  15. looking good bro - let us know the final weight
  16. thanks mjboy
    there isn't going to be final weight as this is kind of a perpetual grow
    i harvest a few plants at a time
  17. Nice, I wish I had plants growing like that in my house. Nice looking plants there.
  18. looks like some straight dank! keep it up
  19. wait a minute....

    :eek:<you can clone branches/tops with buds on them?

    p.s. :smoking:<sweet post man, love the pics
  20. thank you people. i'm building a new wardrobe with a 600W lamp so when it's ready i'll go for the biggest buds most guys have ever seen (i'm not talkin GC cause people here now their shit). still have a lot to learn but i hope after a couple more harvests things will be going SMOOOOOTH. sponge man all the clones come from 3 mothers - 2 WW and 1 unknown delight :smoking:

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