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My School might be starting random drug tests.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by PermanentlyHigh, Aug 8, 2012.

  1. Bad news, my school is considering doing random drug tests, every now and again.
    Not sure what I should do, considering I'm a daily toker.
    Does anyone know what type of test its going to be? (Eg: Blood, Urine, hair, ect.)
    Im really worried, anyone have some advice?
  2. more than likely it would be urine..

    not sure what blood tests cost them but I do know Hair testing is very expensive..

    wow school has changed in the last 25 years

    I wouldn't worry too much about it..

    more than likely it'd be random and those who are obviously fucked up
  3. thats fucked up - whatll they do to you if your positive? theyll probs just make you go to see a councellor who you can just tell that you tried it once and it just happened to be before the test.
    Alternatively, youll probs be given some notice (and itll most likely be a urine test), carry a condom on you at all times (good advice whatever the situation), when you hear that theyre drug testing you, get a clean friend to piss into the condom, 200ml is all you need. Tie the condom and stick it into your sock to keep it at body tempterature. I think it would be illegal for them to watch kids pissing at school so theyll likely hand out 10 or so cups and tell you to go into a cubicle - once in there pierce the condom, fill up the cup and jobs a goodun.
    p.s. getting a friend to piss into a condom may be the biggest challenge - carry a $10 bill with you to grease the wheels.
  4. lol saw this on the news today, so glad I'm finishsed school

  5. That's what I thought I get my little brother to do, Haha.
    Thanks for the advice man :wave:

  6. I would suggest something a little stronger than a condom, unless you want piss down your leg :)
  7. Just poop in the jar and say you didn't know.
  8. Was about to say doesn't sound legal, then saw Australia, sucks man.

    First I would start writing letters, act like your parents, or concerned parents, about how the money could be better spent on your education n shit, and how its pointless and could raise legal problems (pull it out your ass if you have to).

    But in the end all you can do is hope you don't get selected, you could detox if they give you warning (like a 1 or 2-day detox kit) or you could chug so much water it shows up diluted so you can either take it again or be passed on.
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    Don't your parents have to sign a release forum for them to test you? I thought school was a place where you were prepared for the challenges of the real world, not a place where that same future could potentially end over medication.

    What business of theirs is it, if someone's medicating in their free time? So long as it isn't used on campus, they have absolutely no reason to get involved.

    It'll probably be a urine test though. Good luck! :) And I thought MY high school was bad...
  10. Most condoms can easily hold 1.5-2l of water, youd have trouble pissing into anything else.

  11. At my school? I wish!
    Instantly expelled. I'd have to leave the school, the same day my test came back positive.

  12. im not talking about how much they hold... i am talking about how thin they are

    if you put it in your sock trust me it will break

    but hey... whatever
  13. By the way it may be a mouth swab, I haven't researched it to verify but it is probably cheaper, certainly less intrusive. They're much easier to pass, my brother had one for his job at a very large grocery store in the US (top 3), smoked the day before and he passed. I believe it only accounts for around 12 hours before the swab if you regularly brush.
  14. ahhh yeah forgot about swabs..

    ive never encountered swabs for testing , but yeah it is possible
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    I saw on the news tonight a lot of schools in the gold coast are going to start random drug testing
  16. This shit is so fucked dude........i go to a liberal arts high school rofl they know that if they tested 70% would fail...and we are pretty awesome academically so they would never dare lol.
  17. So why is it still your school? After 16 you are not obliged to slave for the education system.
  18. [quote name='"Dutchmaster617"']So why is it still your school? After 16 you are not obliged to slave for the education system.[/quote]

    He should drop out and most likely be a no one and work some shit jobs
  19. #19 TinTizzy, Aug 8, 2012
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    That's against the constitution they can't force a search and seizure on you..same reason they cant drug test for the ACLU

    Edit: guess you're not in America? Bummer
  20. it's not true, once you are at school they can do what they want. if they suspect you doing something and want to persue it they can. they own you while you're at the school. If you play high school sports and get caught at a party which has nothing to do with being at school you get suspended from games. they do what they wnat

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