my school is drug testing next year

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  1. its bullshit random testing how is this ok with the 4th amendment they said it was fine.and they wont warn u so u cant like drink lots of water. grr

    help somehow someone
  2. thats the problem we dont know when we are tested it like random like 0ne person a day
  3. wait there going to piss test someone in your school everyday ?
  4. thats want they want to do

    we had a presentation today the whole school was in the gym
  5. then your probaly stuck, either that or you figure out how to get pis from one of your clean freinds but the problem there is keeping it at a warm temp, or change schools.
  6. :mad:!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11


    that's the only way I can express my anger.
  7. this may sound gross, but here it is:

    Keep yourself clean, test yourself until your piss comes clean every test. Piss a good deal of somewhat yellow urine into three or four jars and freeze them. Every day, take out one and put back the one you used for the previous day into the freezer. Get some heat packs.

    Get a school lunch box. Put the urine and the heat packs in the school lunchbox and hang onto it until you have to get tested. Put one in your pocket when called up unless they let you bring your backpack into the bathroom with you. Unzip, pour your urine into their urine sample cup and then pour a little into the toilet. Hand it in and relax.
  8. I cant fucking believe schools have the right to piss test you are they out they (g) dammned minds????? If that happend to my kid id shit a house of bricks...i mean seriously, what gives them the right to know who smokes dope and who i could see testing individuals that have gotten busted at school for drugs, that makes sense. but randomly testing everyone is gay ass shit...

    btw what happens if u fail ur test? if its something like a week suspension of some shit, id just say take the week off and keep smoking...however if u will get expelled or some shit id just up and quit
  9. if this is a publick school it is unjust..
  10. If I were going to a school where they were planning to Drug test I would make sure

    my grades were Kept up very nicely. Think about it, if you make all A's and B's and

    they give you a pisser and you fail, what are they gonna do? Kick you out? send you

    tribunal?? Give you Out of school suspension if you're a good student? Hell no. Then

    You'd become a martyr for The Marijuana community. If they do you could always

    goto court and become the Precedent. I say don't be a pussy, keep your grades up

    continue to smoke and be a peaceful citizen and protest by smoking. . . . .:smoking:
  11. bull shit! i just wouldntpiss for them if i was still in school.
  12. well then surely you know that as soon as you pull onto school grounds you loose alot of your rights.
    refusing to piss would just get you into trouble with the tribunal system.

    It would Look alot better to fail a piss test with good grades and not too much trouble vs.
    refusing to piss test still having good grades but the Not too much trouble will end up corelating with your refusal therfore turning your Not too bad but not great behavior into a bigger issue

    Just my thought though. . . . .don't fight your battle in school bra, fight it in court

    School= loss of rights and liberties

    Court= protection of civil rights and liberties
  13. Disagree. Just don't piss in the cup. Say that it's on the grounds of ethical objection- they can't really prove it and legally they can't MAKE you piss in a cup. If they try to suspend you just kick up a stink.

    EDIT: yeah- if you do this though then make sure you can think of some reasons why testing your urine is unethical otherwise they'll just assume you're guilty- hint: you are but if you don't lie about it and just let them assume what they want then I'd say that's ethical. Do some reading on the ethics surrounding autonomy as a start.
  14. i dont smoke alot only like once a month. so like if it is around when i smoked i would be pos for pot.and theyre all like well send u to rehab and everything wtf is this.and it will probly only be people who drive to school and afterschool activity people and i will be doing both so fuck.

    wats up with niacin or something
  15. :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:

    just thinking about your story gets me so fucking pissed off. thank god my school dosnt do that but even if they did it wouldnt rly matter for me. what are they gonna do suspend me and tell my parents i smoke. wow my parents wouldnt give a shit and i would gladly take a few days off from school.
  16. they wont punish u they will send u to counseling and rehab wtf is that about i want a pro marijuana tshirt
  17. What can they do if they detect THC in your urine? Unless you dont have any weed at school I dont see what the problem is. Help mme out somone?

  18. I don't know. Seems to me that kids are in the shitter. If you're under 18, you have no rights unless you are legally divorced and financially independent from the rents. That sucks.
  19. id rather quit

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